Riyaz Aly Net Worth

Riyaz Aly is an Indian social media influencer and TikTok star who has amassed a huge fanbase across various platforms. As of 2024, Riyaz Aly’s net worth is around $2 million. This massive wealth at such a young age can be attributed primarily to his immense popularity and success as a digital content creator.

Aly started his journey by creating lip-syncing videos on TikTok (formerly known as Musical.ly). Within a short span, he became one of the most popular TikTok stars in India with over 43 million followers on the platform. This helped him sign modeling assignments, brand endorsement deals, acting roles and more – paving the path for building his multimillion-dollar net worth.

Riyaz Aly Worth Growth

Riyaz Aly Worth Growth

Born on September 14, 2003, Riyaz Aly is currently 20 years old. He joined TikTok in early 2019 and experienced meteoric growth in less than a year. By mid-2020, Riyaz Aly’s net worth rapidly grew from a few hundred dollars to over $1 million.

This exponential rise can be attributed to the viral popularity of his videos. His cool dance moves and lip-syncing talent resonated hugely with young fans. Crossing 10 million followers within 6 months, Aly’s per video earning increased substantially. Brands and agencies took notice and he began endorsing major labels like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Likee etc.

Simultaneously his social media following grew across platforms like Instagram (30 million+ followers), YouTube (2.5 million+ subscribers) and Facebook (1 million+ followers). Leveraging this fanbase, Riyaz Aly’s net worth skyrocketed in 2021-22 with an estimated $1 million coming just from brand endorsements.

Investments in multiple businesses also added to his rising wealth. All this has led experts to predict that Riyaz Aly’s net worth could double in the next few years if he continues on his growth trajectory.

Riyaz Aly Wikipedia

Riyaz Aly Wikipedia

As per his Wikipedia profile, Riyaz Aly’s full name is Riyaz Aly. He was born on 14 September 2003 (age 20 years; as of 2024) in Jaigaon, Bhutan. His zodiac sign is Virgo. Riyaz currently lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra while his hometown is Jaigaon in Bhutan.

He did his schooling from Shri Radha Krishna Temple Patasahib School in Jaigaon. While not much is known about his higher education, some reports suggest he may have enrolled in Mumbai University.

Belonging to an Islamic family, Riyaz Aly follows the religion of Islam. His father’s name is Zafar Aly, and his mother’s is Gulshan. He has two elder sisters – Riza Aly and Rima Aly.

Riyaz Aly Career

Riyaz Aly Career

Career Beginnings

Riyaz Aly began his career initially in 2017 by posting his first TikTok video. Gaining over 43 million followers within 3 years, he quickly became one of the most popular Indian TikTok stars. This brought him into mainstream fame across India.

Riyaz began endorsing major brands like FunFoods, Likee, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Maya Appreal etc. He also featured in music videos like Yaari Hai (2021) which increased his visibility.

Acting & Other Projects

Aly’s first acting project came with 2019’s Team 07 – a youth-based web series aired on Flipkart Video. The same year he made his music video acting debut with Hello Hello song by Tony Kakkar.

His popularity helped him feature in shows like MTV Troll Police, MTV Ace Of Space, MTV Fameistan etc. Riyaz has also appeared in many collaborative TikTok videos with top influencers.

In 2022, Riyaz participated in reality shows like Lock Upp hosted by Kangana Ranaut and DID Super Moms judged by Bhagyashree & Remo D’Souza.

He also runs a popular YouTube channel with 3.5 million subscribers, earning massive viewership on his engaging vlogs. Riyaz endorses his own merchandise line too.

Riyaz Aly Educational Qualifications

Riyaz Aly Educational Qualifications

While Riyaz Aly’s educational background has not been revealed publicly, some reports indicate that he passed Class 10 exams from his school in Jaigaon –  Shri Radha Krishna Temple Patasahib School.

He seems to have focused full-time on his social media career after moving to Mumbai, rather than pursuing higher studies. Considering his young age and existing work portfolio, Aly may consider further education later if he wishes to.

Despite discontinuing studies beyond secondary school, Riyaz has achieved phenomenal professional success already through dedication to his digital media career right from his teenage years.

Riyaz Aly Family

Riyaz Aly Family

Riyaz Aly belongs to an Islamic family based originally in Jaigaon, Bhutan.


His father Zafar Aly is a businessman who deals in the import-export of products between Bhutan and India. His mother Gulshan is a homemaker.


Riyaz has two elder sisters:

  • Riza Aly
  • Rima Aly

Both sisters are married and settled. Not much is known publicly about his siblings.

Overall, Riyaz seems to have received strong family support in pursuing his interests from a young age. In several interviews, he has acknowledged his parents’ backing to let him focus on his social media career.

Riyaz Aly Height, Weight & Appearance

Riyaz Aly Height, Weight & Appearance

In terms of physical appearance, Riyaz has an athletic physique with a good height that’s appealing to fans. Let’s look at some of his body stats:

Height – 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)

Weight – 60 kg (132 lbs)

Hair – Black

Eyes – Dark Brown

With his sharp facial features, fair complexion and well-styled hair, Riyaz comes across as a very handsome young influencer. He takes good care of his physical fitness and often shares workout posts on social media.

Riyaz Aly Social Media Account

Riyaz Aly Social Media Account

Riyaz has a strong presence on major social media platforms with massive followership. Below are some of his account details:

Platform Account Details
YouTube Username: Riyaz Aly <br> Subscribers: 3.69 million
Instagram Handle: @riyaz.14 <br> Followers: 30.5 million
TikTok Handle: @riyazaly14 <br> Followers: 43.1 million
Facebook Username: Riyaz Aly <br> Fans: 1 million

He is among the most followed TikTok stars globally, also ranking among top Instagram influencers in India. Riyaz leverages his social media popularity to collaborate with brands, create sponsored content, endorse products etc.

This allows him to command a high price for brand partnerships, estimated to be around $10,000 per Insta post which contributes heavily to his rising net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Riyaz Aly’s Worth?

As of 2024, Riyaz Aly’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. The majority of his wealth comes from social media activities like brand promotions, endorsements, collaborations etc leveraging his popularity across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube etc.

2. How Old is Riyaz Aly?

Currently, Riyaz Aly is 20 years old. His date of birth is September 14, 2003.

3. Where is Riyaz Aly From Originally?

Riyaz hails from the small town of Jaigaon in Bhutan located near the India-Bhutan border. He later moved to Mumbai, India to pursue his social media career full-time.

4. What Businesses Does Riyaz Have?

In addition to his digital influencer career, Riyaz earns revenues from his merchandise line that sells products like t-shirts with his brand logo and slogans. He has also associated with apps like Likee.

5. Is Riyaz Aly Single?

Yes, as of 2024 Riyaz Aly is publically single. There have been some past rumored linkups with fellow influencers, but he does not have a girlfriend officially. Riyaz prefers keeping his private life away from the media glare largely.


In summary, Riyaz Aly is a young digital superstar who has achieved fame and fortune at an early age, starting his journey as a teenager. Smart leveraging of platforms like TikTok combined with creative talent helped him gain billions of video views and millions of followers over a short span.

This social media stardom became a launchpad for commercial success via brand endorsements, influencer marketing campaigns, merchandise sales and more. Still in his early 20s, Riyaz Aly’s net worth is already estimated to be in the millions with his popularity showing no signs.

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