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Central Cee is a popular British rapper and songwriter who has quickly risen to fame over the past few years. His breakout hit single “Day in the Life” was released in 2020 and peaked at number 3 on the UK Singles Chart. Since then, Central Cee has continued to grow his fanbase and deliver hit songs. With his growing success and fame, many fans are curious what Central Cee’s current net worth is today.

According to reports, Central Cee’s net worth is estimated at around $2 million as of early 2023. However, at just 23 years old and with his career on a sharp upward trajectory, his net worth will likely grow substantially in the coming years.

Central Cee Worth Growth

Central Cee first started releasing music in 2018, but it wasn’t until 2020 that he started gaining significant attention. His April 2020 single “Day in the Life” was his breakthrough, earning fans and critics’ praise. The song peaked at number 3 on the UK Singles Chart.

Central Cee Worth Growth

He quickly followed up this success by releasing his first two EPs – “Wild West” and “23” – both in 2020. “Wild West” peaked at number 2 on the UK Albums Chart, while “23” reached number 4. Across both EPs, Central Cee landed numerous songs in the UK Singles Chart top 40.

In 2021, Central Cee continued his momentum. He embarked on his first headlining tour in fall 2021, which sold out every date. His October 2021 single “Obsessed With You” became his first UK top 10 hit, peaking at number 4. He also featured on the top 5 single “Cold Shoulder” by Tion Wayne and Russ Millions.

Central Cee capped off his monumental 2021 by winning the Mobo Award for Best Drill Act. He was also nominated for a Brit Award for Song of The Year for “Obsessed With You.”

In September 2022, Central Cee released his debut studio album, “23.” The album debuted at number 1 on the UK Albums Chart and contained several hit singles, including “Khabib” and “Retail Therapy.”

Central Cee has seen his net worth rise substantially with his recent success and accolades. Considering his prime age and growing global stardom, his wealth should continue rising considerably in the years ahead. He has proven he is not just another flash in the pan, but rather a versatile, talented artist that delivers hits and puts on energetic live shows for his adoring fans.

Central Cee Wikipedia

Central Cee Wikipedia

Central Cee’s Wikipedia page provides a high-level overview of his background and rise to fame. Some key details on his Wikipedia page include:

  • His full name is Oakley Neil John Central Cee
  • He was born on September 18, 1999 in London, England
  • He grew up in West London in an area called Shepherd’s Bush
  • Early on he developed an interest in shooting, directing, and editing videos along with rapping
  • He co-founded a media company called Likkle Films to produce music videos and promo content
  • Started releasing music in 2018, with his 2020 single “Day in the Life” being his major breakthrough
  • Has released several successful EPs and a #1 studio album called “23”
  • Is considered a pioneer of the emerging UK drill scene
  • Known for hits like “Obsessed With You,” “Commitment Issues,” and “Doja”

So in summary, his Wikipedia entry gives a snapshot of his backstory and charts his rapid emergence as a popular UK rap artist starting in 2020. It provides basic biographical details and an overview of his musical journey so far.

Central Cee Career

Central Cee Career

Central Cee’s musical career launched in 2018 when he began uploading songs to platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube. However it wasn’t until April 2020 that he got his big break with the single “Day in the Life.” The song earned critical acclaim for its storytelling lyrics depicting a day living on a South London estate.

Soon after, Central Cee released his debut mixtape “Wild West” which included his breakout hit song along with several other tracks. The mixtape peaked at #2 on the UK Albums Chart. He quickly followed up with another hit mixtape titled “23.”

During this period of 2020 and 2021, Central Cee was cranking out popular singles featuring his signature UK drill sound. Tracks like “Loading,” “Commitment Issues,” and “Obsessed With You” all became major hits, accumulating hundreds of millions of streams.

He also began collaborating with other top UK hip hop acts like Russ Millions, Tion Wayne and Ardee. Central Cee scored his first top 10 UK hit as a featured artist on Tion Wayne and Russ Million’s track “Cold Shoulder.”

In September 2022 he released his first studio album, “23,” providing a mix of old and new songs. The album went straight to #1 in the UK and contained bangers like “Khabib” and “Retail Therapy.”

On the concert front, Central Cee has already headlined his own tours across Europe. His shows regularly sell out as his fanbase continues growing at a rapid pace. He’s known for his energetic performances where he runs around stage and gets the crowd hyped up.

Having accomplished so much in just a few years, Central Cee is already considered one of the top artists leading the UK rap wave globally. With his track record of hits, collaborations, and sold-out shows, his career trajectory keeps rising.

Central Cee Educational Qualifications

Not much is known publicly about Central Cee’s educational qualifications or background. Given his young age (23 years old as of early 2023) and early life growing up in West London, some basic details can be reasonably assumed:

  • He likely completed primary and secondary schooling per UK requirements
  • This probably means he pursued GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education exams) around Year 11
  • Reports indicate he attended a local secondary school called Ark Acton Academy
  • It’s unclear if he attended a Sixth Form college or pursued A-Levels after secondary school
  • He may have earned some vocational qualifications related to areas he was interested in like video production
  • However his main focus as a teenager seemed to be making music and directing creative videos

So in summary, verified details about Central Cee’s academic qualifications or higher education background are scarce. His passion growing up leaned more towards music, media, and entertainment rather than traditional academics.

Once his music career took off around 2020, he likely focused full time on recording, releasing songs, and touring rather than pursuing further education. Since his rapid success, he hasn’t seemed to need traditional educational qualifications. His talent, drive to succeed, and connection with fans have propelled him to fame despite a lack of formal higher academics.

Central Cee Family

Central Cee Family

Not much is known about Central Cee’s family and early life before his rise to fame. Based on a few details available publicly, here is a brief overview:

  • He was born in London, England in September 1999
  • His full name is Oakley Neil John Central Cee
  • Both of his parents were said to have immigrated to England from abroad before he was born
  • Some reports claim his mother is from Sierra Leone while his dad is from Barbados
  • He seems to have been raised primarily by his mother along with siblings/half-siblings
  • Has posted some photos on Instagram with caption “Family” showing younger siblings
  • But otherwise he remains quite private about his family situation or relatives

Central Cee has avoided sharing much about his family’s details or background in interviews. This may be because he reportedly grew up in an area impacted by gang violence. Keeping his family life private could be a way to protect relatives from potential safety issues that often arise when drill/rap artists gain notoriety.

While not much is confirmed, it’s clear that Central Cee prefers keeping the spotlight solely on his music career. He seemingly wants to shield his family from public attention as he continues gaining global fame. They likely remain supportive of his talents behind the scenes without directly engaging the limelight. Nonetheless, his early roots and upbringing in West London are said to have influenced his musical styles and perspective heavily.

Central Cee Height, Weight & Appearance

Central Cee Height, Weight & Appearance

As a budding celebrity and musical artist, many fans are curious about Central Cee’s physical appearance. Here are some key details about the London-based rapper’s height, weight, and look:


  • Central Cee is reported to stand at 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) tall
  • His slim build makes him appear even taller in photos/videos


  • Estimated to weigh around 75-80 kg or 165-175 pounds
  • Fit and slender frame with little excess body fat

Appearance Details:

  • Dark brown eyes and black hair
  • Typically keeps hair cropped short with clean fade style cuts
  • Sometimes rocks longer more tousled hairstyle with curls
  • Has distinctive thicker eyebrows that frame his face
  • No visible tattoos or piercings
  • Tends to wear casual urban streetwear clothing like track pants/shorts, hoodies, designer kicks

Overall, Central Cee comes across as a tall, slim, younger lad with an urban street flair that resonates with his music style. His typical outfit of casual sporty clothes, short cropped hair, and lack of tattoos/piercings give him a broadly appealing, boyish look.

As he matures personally and professionally in the spotlight, his appearance will likely evolve over time as well. But for now, his current youthful, laidback style aligns perfectly with his drill/rap vibe and talents. It makes him feel relatable and authentic to fans from a wide demographic range drawn to his breakout success over the past few years.

Central Cee Social Media Account

Central Cee Social Media Account

Central Cee has a strong presence across all the major social media platforms, allowing him to directly engage with fans regularly. Usually he shares entertaining behind-the-scenes glimpses into his music, touring lifestyle, and personal interests/hobbies.

Here is an overview of his main social media accounts and follower counts:

Platform Handle/Page Followers/Likes
Instagram @centralcee 1.5 million+ followers
Twitter @CentralCee 112K+ followers
Facebook Central Cee Official Artist Page 170K+ page likes and followers
YouTube Central Cee Official Artist Channel 630K subscribers
Snapchat @centralcee_ N/A
Snapchat CentralCeeOfficial N/A
TikTok @centralceeaccount 3.4 million+ followers, 32+ million overall video likes

From Instagram Live sessions to TikTok clips showing off silly dances moves, Central Cee does a great job allowing fans to connect with him as a person, not just a rapper making songs. This genuine, fun-loving personality he projects on social media draws supporters who passionately stick with him through all his musical and personal evolution in the years ahead.

Frequently Ask Question

1. Where is Central Cee From?

He grew up in the Shepherd’s Bush area of West London. Born in London to immigrant parents in 1999.

2. What Type of Music Does Central Cee Make?

He is considered a pioneer of the emerging UK Drill scene, blending hip hop/rap with British slang and flavors.

3. Who Are Central Cee’s Biggest Musical Influences?

He sites a wide range from classic rap icons like Tupac, modern hip hop stars like Drake, to UK grime artists pioneering their own wave recently.

4. Is Central Cee Signed to a Record Label?

Yes, he partnered with Atlantic Records UK in 2021 as his fame kept rising globally.

5. Who Are Some Artists Central Cee Has Collaborated With Already?

Big names he’s featured on songs with so far include Tion Wayne, ArrDee, Headie One, Russ Millions and other contemporary UK rap acts.

6. Is Central Cee Currently on Tour?

As of early 2023 he has some scheduled concerts and festival dates coming up across Europe but no formal tour announced yet. He wrapped up a fall 2022 UK/EU headlining tour last year.


In summary, Central Cee has quickly risen from relative obscurity to become one of the most exciting and popular young musical artists leading Britain’s booming drill/rap scene in just a couple short years. With gutsy lyrics, infectious beats blending UK and Caribbean flavors, and a charismatic persona, he has already shown the ability to churn out hit after hit while touring globally.

As of early 2023, Central Cee’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million and should continue rising substantially as he keeps evolving his artistry and expanding his fanbase worldwide. Major endorsement deals and partnerships will also likely boost his wealth ahead. No matter what though, his genuine passion for the music itself is what truly energizes both Central Cee and his growing community of supportive followers.

At just 23 years old, the ceiling seems sky-high for where Central Cee can take his cultural influence and success in the years ahead. By allowing curious fans a peek into his real personality online while striving to remain humble despite the fame, he is already building the type of loyal, authentic core audience that will carry an artist throughout an entire career lifespan.

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