Hibernation Meaning in Hindi

Hibernation is a fascinating natural phenomenon that occurs in various animal species across the world. In this article, we will explore the meaning of “हाइबरनेशन” (Hibernation) in Hindi and delve into its various aspects.

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Hibernation, or “हाइबरनेशन,” is a biological state that certain animals enter during the winter months. It is a survival strategy that allows them to conserve energy and endure harsh environmental conditions. During hibernation, an animal’s metabolic rate drops significantly, and they enter a deep, prolonged sleep-like state.

Hibernation Meaning in Various Ways

The concept of hibernation can be understood in several ways:

Hibernation Meaning in Hindi – Various Way

In Hindi, “हाइबरनेशन” refers to the state of dormancy or inactivity that animals experience during the winter season. This period is marked by a reduced heart rate, lower body temperature, and minimal physical activity.

Hibernation Meaning in Hindi With Sentence Samples

Here are some example sentences to illustrate the usage of “हाइबरनेशन” in Hindi:

  • “बर्ड्स और बियर्स जैसे जानवर जब सर्दियों में भोजन का भंडार कर लेते हैं, तो वे हाइबरनेशन में चले जाते हैं।” (When animals like bears and birds store food for the winter, they go into hibernation.)
  • “हाइबरनेशन के दौरान, जानवर अपनी ऊर्जा को संयमित रखते हैं और शीतल मौसम की बुराइश से बचाव करते हैं।” (During hibernation, animals conserve their energy and protect themselves from the harsh cold weather.)

Hibernation Antonyms in Hindi and English With Table Format

Term Hibernation Antonym
Hindi हाइबरनेशन सक्रियता (Activity)
English Hibernation Activity

Hibernation Synonyms in Hindi and English With Table Format

Term Hibernation Synonym
Hindi हाइबरनेशन सुशीतलीकरण (Estivation)
English Hibernation Estivation

Hibernation Q&A in Hindi and English

1. “हाइबरनेशन” क्या होता है?

 “हाइबरनेशन” एक प्राकृतिक स्थिति है जिसमें कुछ जानवर जीवन के संग्रहण के लिए सर्दियों में जाते हैं। इसके दौरान उनकी ऊर्जा खपत कम होती है और वे गहरी, लंबे समय तक की तरह की नींद में चले जाते हैं।

2. कौन-कौन से जानवर हाइबरनेशन करते हैं?

कई जानवर हाइबरनेशन करते हैं, जैसे कि बियर्स, स्क्विरल्स, और कई छोटे जानवर।

3. हाइबरनेशन के दौरान जानवरों का आहार कैसे होता है?

हाइबरनेशन के दौरान जानवर अपने सर्दियों की बुराइश के लिए पहले से ही भोजन का भंडार कर लेते हैं और उसे खाते रहते हैं।

4. हाइबरनेशन कितने समय तक चल सकता है?

 हाइबरनेशन की अवधि जानवर के प्रकार और जीवनशैली पर निर्भर करती है, लेकिन यह आमतौर पर एक से दो महीने तक चल सकता है।

5. क्या हाइबरनेशन के दौरान जानवर सपने देखते हैं?

 हाइबरनेशन के दौरान जानवर गहरी नींद में होते हैं और सपने नहीं देखते हैं।

6. What is Hibernation?

 Hibernation is a state of dormancy that certain animals enter during the winter months to conserve energy and endure harsh environmental conditions.

7. Which Animals Typically Undergo Hibernation?

Many animals, such as bears, squirrels, and some reptiles, undergo hibernation as a survival strategy.

8. What Happens to an Animal’s Metabolic Rate During Hibernation?

 During hibernation, an animal’s metabolic rate drops significantly, leading to a lowered body temperature and reduced energy expenditure.

9. How Do Animals Prepare for Hibernation in Terms of Food?

 Before hibernation, animals often store food in their bodies, which they gradually use for sustenance during their dormant period.

10. Can Hibernating Animals Wake Up During Their Hibernation Period?

 Yes, hibernating animals can wake up occasionally, but they remain in a state of deep sleep-like dormancy.


hibernation, known as “हाइबरनेशन” in Hindi, is a fascinating natural phenomenon. It is a state of dormancy that certain animals enter during the winter months, characterized by reduced metabolic activity and prolonged periods of inactivity. This adaptive survival strategy allows animals to conserve energy and endure harsh environmental conditions. We explored various aspects of hibernation, including its meaning in different contexts, sentence samples, antonyms, synonyms, and answered common questions about this intriguing phenomenon. Understanding hibernation in both Hindi and English sheds light on the incredible ways in which animals adapt to the challenges of the natural world.Moreover, the concept of hibernation goes beyond its literal meaning. It serves as a metaphor for patience, introspection, and resilience in our own lives. Just as animals enter a state of hibernation to weather challenging seasons, we, too, can draw inspiration from their adaptive strategies when facing difficult circumstances.

Furthermore, understanding hibernation has practical implications for conservation efforts. By studying the hibernation patterns of different species, scientists can gain valuable insights into their habitats, behaviors, and life cycles. This knowledge is crucial for developing effective conservation strategies to protect endangered species.

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