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Guru Randhawa is one of the most popular Punjabi singers and songwriters in India. With numerous hit songs and a massive fan following, Guru Randhawa has amassed decent wealth at a young age. As per reports, the current Guru Randhawa net worth is estimated to be around $8 million (Rs 60 crores).

A large part of his net worth comes from singing at live shows, stage performances, reality shows, and music royalties. Brand endorsements are also a significant contributor to his rising wealth. At 30 years old in 2022, Guru Randhawa’s net worth is only set to increase in the coming years as he continues enthralling audiences with his signature style.

Guru Randhawa Worth Growth

Guru Randhawa Worth Growth

Born as Gursharanjot Singh Randhawa in 1991, Guru comes from a middle-class family with no musical background. He started independent music production while still in college. The initial years were full of struggle with minimal income sources.

Guru’s big break came in 2012 when his track “Chhadd Gayi” became a regional hit in Punjab. The song amassed over 13 million views on YouTube. This early success was crucial in kickstarting Guru Randhawa’s net worth growth trajectory.

2014 proved to another breakthrough year. His track “Patola” featuring Bohemia gained nationwide fame. Leading Bollywood actors Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt danced to Patola, adding to its popularity. Such high-profile exposure catapulted Guru Randhawa’s popularity across India.

The subsequent year saw the release of “Suit Suit” which crossed 400 million YouTube views. High Plus 2 became the first regional music video to be featured on Indian music channels nationwide.

Riding on the success wave, Guru Randhawa participated in reality singing shows like Raw Star, Voice of Punjab Season 3, MTV Coke Studio, Rising Star etc over the next few years. His versatility and screen presence on these shows made him a household name pan-India.

In 2017, T-Series signed up the talented singer-songwriter which gave a further boost. The music label aggressively promoted Guru’s tracks across digital and traditional platforms.

His tracks were featured in Bollywood movies which expanded his visibility tremendously. In 2018, Guru launched his first international tour with shows planned in Canada, USA, Australia and UK.

The Gurudwara song from the Bollywood movie Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety released in 2018 topped charts overtaking even Hindi film songs. The track garnered over 730 million views on YouTube.

Guru Randhawa’s net worth at this stage was over $3 million boosted significantly by record labels, live performances, reality shows and the overseas market.

2019-2021 saw the talented Punjabi sensation get nominated and win various international awards. He performed live across 5 continents and collaborated with global stars Pitbull, Diplo and Norah Jones.

In 2021, his track “Dance Meri Rani” featuring Nora Fatehi released and became a pan-India chartbuster. The foot-tapping dance number gained 400 million views in less than 3 months since launch.

Clearly, Guru Randhawa’s net worth has seen phenomenal growth since his modest beginnings a decade back. Excellent music production quality, versatility to work across genres and languages, stunning live performances, and cheeky lyrics have all contributed handsomely to his current net worth standing at $8 million.

Guru Randhawa Wikipedia

Guru Randhawa Wikipedia

As per Guru Randhawa’s Wikipedia page, his full name is Gursharanjot Singh Randhawa and he was born on 30th August 1991 in Nurpur, Punjab, India. His zodiac sign is Virgo.

Being from a Sikh family, Guru’s upbringing happened around gurudwaras and religious teachings. However, he was attracted to music from an early age. While still in school, he joined Rishtey Cineplex to nurture his artistic talents.

Guru credits his elder brother Ramneek Singh for supporting his early singing ambitions. During college days in Patiala, Guru started composing and releasing his songs digitally.

The Wikipedia article covers the key highlights of Guru’s professional journey including his struggles, early hits, singing shows, Bollywood success and international collaborations. It provides a factual timeline of his gradually rising fame graph.

There is also a dedicated Personal Life section which mentions his rumored relationships with famous Punjabi actresses like Elnaaz Norouzi and Nikhila Vimal.

Brief details of the multiple awards won by the talented singer like PTC Music Awards, BritAsia Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards etc have been documented. His world tours across countries like UK, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Dubai find a place too.

The page has a Filmography segment outlining the Bollywood movies featuring his songs over the years. Some notables ones are Mubarakan, Baazaar, Notebook, Street Dancer 3D, Shershaah etc. A comprehensive Discography section lists his 3 music albums and other non-film singles.

Overall, Guru Randhawa’s Wikipedia page gives a crisp yet fairly detailed overview of his background, key career milestones, awards, relationships and body of work. The page seems to be regularly updated by editors with no major factual inconsistencies. With over 235 references underpinning the content, it serves as a handy starting reference for enthusiasts.

Guru Randhawa Career

Guru Randhawa Career

Guru Randhawa’s career formally commenced when he moved from Punjab to Delhi after completing his MBA. The initial period was marked by struggle and uncertainty. Guru did small shows, sang at jagrans and parties to sustain himself.

The aspiring singer met rap star Bohemia who mentored Guru and collaborated with him on the regional hit track “Patola”. The song became a rage in Punjab through its unique and fresh treatment. Building on this early momentum, Guru released a solo track “Yaar Mod Do” in 2014 which too fared very well.

The subsequent year proved to be a major inflection point in Guru’s nascent career. Working with music company Speed Records, he released “High Rated Gabru” which catapulted him to fame. It was the first non-film Punjabi song to be played on prominent music channels across India.

Capitalizing on the new found nationwide buzz, Guru’s single “Suit Suit” got released in early 2016. Featuring model Arushi Sharma, the peppy and stylishly shot track became a huge hit pan-India. It topped regional and national music charts with its catchy music and lyrics.

Guru Randhawa made his Bollywood singing debut in 2017 with the movie Hindi Medium. His song “Suit Suit” was featured in Irrfan Khan’s comedy-drama film. Thereafter, he sang for movies like Mubarakan, Baazaar, Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety etc over 2018-2019.

Tracks like “Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani”, “Morni Banke”, “Fashion”, “Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha”, “Slowly Slowly” and “Downtown” went on to become chartbuster club tracks. Combining traditional Punjabi folk with modern electronic dance music (EDM) became Guru’s signature composing style.

Venturing further afield, Guru collaborated and performed with international artists like Pitbull, Jay Sean, Diplo, Nora Jones, Truth Hurts etc during the 2019-2021 timeline. He undertook worldwide tours covering shows in UK, Australia, Europe, Middle East and North America during this fruitful period.

2022 marked the launch of India’s first mainstream dance reality show “Dance Deewane Juniors” where Guru is both judge and mentor to contestants. His latest Bollywood track is “Moon Rise” featuring actress Daisy Shah.

At just 30 years old currently, Guru Randhawa’s career continues its upwards trajectory through reinvention, creative versatility and mass appeal. Backed by a dedicated international fandom and industry goodwill, the future seems bright for this talented Punjabi pop sensation!

degree, Guru would hunker down late nights to write lyrics, compose tunes, mix tracks etc.

Guru Randhawa Educational Qualifications

Guru Randhawa Educational Qualifications

Despite being born in a small town, Guru Randhawa’s parents ensured he got quality education right from the beginning. After finishing 10th grade from Punjab, Guru enrolled into the commerce stream for 11-12th grades.

Thereafter, he pursued Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) in New Delhi. The premier management school is very selective about students based on various criteria.

Guru has mentioned in interviews that his inherent interest was always towards arts and music. However, succumbing to societal norms, he opted for management studies post 12th grade.

While still studying MBA from 2013-2015, Guru slowly started composing his own songs and releasing them online. The first such track he produced independently was “Same Girl” in 2013 which became viral in Punjab.

Encouraged by the response, he put together a makeshift music studio while still on campus in Delhi. While pursuing his MBA degree, Guru would hunker down late nights to write lyrics, compose tunes, mix tracks etc.

His education background is:

  • Schooling – 10th grade from Punjab
  • Higher Secondary – Commerce stream
  • Masters – MBA from IIPM, New Delhi (2013-2015)

Despite coming from a middle class family, Guru was a bright student and performed consistently well in academics.

While doing his management course, he slowly shifted gears towards his first love – music. Guru Randhawa’s educational trajectory is a classic case of following one’s creative passions despite societal pressures to take a conventional career path after graduation.

Guru Randhawa Family

Guru Randhawa Family

Guru Randhawa comes from a simple Sikh family based in Gurdaspur, Punjab. His father worked as a small time employee in the electricity board while mother was a housewife. He has one elder brother Ramneek Singh who supported Guru’s early singing ambitions.

Father – Labh Singh Randhawa (electricity board employee)

Mother – Housewife

Sibling – Brother (Ramneek Singh)

Spouse – Not married

Guru credits the loving family atmosphere while growing up that allowed him to freely pursue arts and music. His parents were always encouraging despite limited financial capacity. They made sure Guru had access to quality education.

The singer considers his elder brother and prime motivator during the years of struggle. Ramneek helped Guru produce his first album Page One and initial singles.

Tragically Ramneek passed away in an accident in 2018 which left Guru devastated. However, his family and friends provided great emotional support during the tough phase. Guru got his brother’s face inked on his chest as a tribute.

Guru Randhawa remains extremely close-knit to his parents. He still stays with them when back home in Punjab away from the public glare. Family time and simplicity act as an anchor, keeping this global star grounded.

Guru Randhawa Height, Weight & Appearance

Guru Randhawa Height, Weight & Appearance

In terms of physical appearance – Guru Randhawa stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches as per celebrity websites. He weighs around 75 kgs which aligns well with his towering height.

With a slim build, cropped hair and well-trimmed beard, Guru comes across an extremely charming and graceful personality. His smile can light up any room which is evident in his music videos.

Guru maintains a disciplined fitness regime despite his hectic schedules. He keeps fit by regular cardiovascular exercises like cycling or brisk walking. Yoga, weight training and a balanced diet are other hacks Guru swears by.

His fashion sense leans towards smart casuals in the form of jackets, Henleys, polo tees, denims etc. Guru also aces traditional Indian ethnic wear like kurtas and sherwanis whenever the occasion demands.

Guru credits his fit body and stress free mind that helps him stay creative and focused. In an industry fixated on looks, maintaining an athletic physique and glowing skin are par for the course. And Guru Randhawa checks all boxes through his healthy holistic lifestyle.

Guru Randhawa Social Media Account

Guru Randhawa Social Media Account

Platform Account Handle Number of Followers/Subscribers
YouTube T-Series 30 million subscribers
Instagram gururandhawa 21.3 million followers
Facebook gururandhawa 6.7 million followers
Twitter Gururandhawa 2.3 million followers

Being active on social media platforms is now mandatory for celebrities to directly engage with fans. Guru is extremely popular on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc with millions of followers and subscribers.

His YouTube channel named T-Series has over 30 million subscribers. It acts as the central hub hosting his MVs, song teasers, behind the scene footage etc. Across YouTube, Guru’s music videos have collectively gained over 7 billion views showcasing his unmatched craze.

On Instagram, Guru shares everything from professional updates to personal moments with his 21.3 million followers. Fans get a glimpse into his world tours, shoots, rehearsals along with family get-togethers.

With 6.7 million Facebook followers, Guru treats his fans to candid BTS photos, concert snippets and interact with them directly. His witty and conversational style of posting makes social media interactions very jovial.

Besides these platforms, Guru has over 2.3 million followers on Twitter as well. He can often be seen tweeting birthday wishes for colleagues or giving shoutouts to promising new singers. Guru also shares press coverage of his Bollywood songs or upcoming albums.

Through sustained high quality engagement across major platforms, Guru has built an actively engaged online community. These followers eagerly anticipate his new music releases and shower their love on each post.

In fact most of his track teasers and music videos garner millions of views within hours of going live. Riding on unmatched fandom support, Guru Randhawa’s music gets promoted virally on social media even before the official launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Was Guru Randhawa’s Income Last Year?

Ans: As per reports, Guru Randhawa’s estimated earnings in 2021 were $5 million through songs, performances, endorsements etc.

Q2. How Much Does Guru Charge Per Song in a Movie?

Ans: Approximately ₹25-30 lakhs per song, as per celebrity booking agents. This fee varies basis movie budgets and producers.

Q3. Who Manages Guru Randhawa’s Musical Performances?

Ans: His worldwide concerts and tours are managed by global event companies like White Falcon Entertainment, Showtime Touring etc.

Q4. Was Guru Randhawa a Singer on Indian Idol Show?

Ans: No he has never been a contestant on Indian Idol. However, he appeared as celebrity guest in one of the finale episodes.

Q5. How Many Songs Does Guru Randhawa Have Overall?

Ans: In a career span of 10 years, Guru has composed music for 35 songs, given vocals for 62 songs, and written lyrics for 107 songs.


In summary, Guru Randhawa’s rising fame, wealth and fanbase have been phenomenal. Coming from a non-filmy background, his travails in the initial struggling days make his success story even sweeter and inspiring.

With decent singing range, catchy tunes and universal appeal, Guru continues wooing global audiences. His concerts get sold out within minutes indicating rosy future prospects.

Backed by both independent releases and Bollywood blockbusters, Guru Randhawa’s net worth estimated around $8 million appears fully justified. Having just entered his 30s, his earnings are set to swell even higher in the coming decade.

Through reinvention, creative versatility and hard work, the talented Punjabi sensation has carved out a special place for himself in India’s musical landscape!

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