Withdrawal is commonly used in various contexts, from financial transactions to emotional experiences. In Hindi, it is referred to as “विथड्रॉ.” Let’s explore the meaning of “विथड्रॉ” in Hindi and delve into its various aspects.

Description for Withdraw Meaning in Hindi

The term “विथड्रॉ” (Withdraw) refers to the action of canceling, taking back, or ending something. This word is commonly used to explain financial, industrial, and legal business procedures. It is a widely used term that can be applied in various contexts.

Withdraw is often used in financial transactions where an individual or organization is supposed to receive a certain amount of money. Still, the transaction is reversed due to a dispute or disagreement, and the funds are taken back. Additionally, withdrawal can also refer to the act of withdrawing cash from one’s bank account. Typically, cash withdrawals can be done through bank counters, ATMs, or online banking services.

Furthermore, withdrawal is also utilized in commercial projects, where a party may withdraw from a contractual agreement at the end of a specified time frame or cancel a mutual understanding between two parties. This means that withdrawal involves canceling a process after a certain time limit and giving both parties a fair chance from the beginning.

In summary, the term “विथड्रॉ” (Withdraw) in Hindi holds the means of canceling, taking back, or ending, and is commonly used in financial transactions as well as business procedures to describe the reversal or cancellation of an action.

Withdraw Meaning in Various Ways

The term “withdraw” can be interpreted and expressed in various ways, presenting different shades of meaning. Here are some alternative ways to convey the concept of withdrawal:

1. Retract: Retracting means taking back or withdrawing something previously stated or agreed upon.

2. Pull out: Used to describe removing oneself or something from a particular situation, organization, or agreement.

3. Recall: Recalling involves withdrawing or retrieving something from its current state or location.

4. Revoke: When something is revoked, it is officially canceled or withdrawn, typically due to a violation of terms or a change in circumstances.

5. Abandon: This term denotes completely withdrawing support, involvement, or interest in something, often implying a permanent decision.

6. Rescinding: Rescinding officially withdraws or cancels a law, contract, or agreement.

7. Discontinue: To discontinue means to stop or withdraw the provision, production, or availability of something, often indicating a cessation of ongoing processes or services.

8. Back out: This expression describes withdrawing or reneging on a commitment or agreement, especially at the last minute.

9. Take back means retrieving or regaining possession of something previously given or conveyed.

10. Reclaim: To reclaim signifies the act of taking back or regaining possession or control of something that was previously lost or surrendered.

These alternative expressions capture different aspects of the notion of withdrawal, providing various ways to convey the concept in different contexts and situations.

Withdraw Meaning in Hindi – Various Ways

विभिन्न तरीकों में हिंदी में “विथड्रॉ” के मतलब को समझाया जा सकता है:Withdraw Meaning in Hindi with Sentence Examples

The term “विथड्रॉ” (Withdraw) in Hindi refers to the action of canceling or taking back something. Here are some sentence examples showcasing the meaning and usage of “विथड्रॉ” in Hindi:

1. मैं अपनी बैंक से पैसे निकालने के लिए विथड्रॉ करना चाहता हूँ। – I want to withdraw cash from my bank account.

2. व्यापारिक समझौते में एक पक्ष ने समय सीमा पूर्ण करने के लिए दूसरे पक्ष को विथड्रॉ किया। – One party withdrew from the commercial agreement at the expiry of the specified time limit.

3. बैंक में जमा की गई धनराशि को साझा खाताधारक ने अकेले विथड्रॉ कर ली। – The joint account holder withdrew the deposited amount from the bank alone.

4. सरकार ने अपनी शिकायत के चलते आर्थिक सहायता योजना को विथड्रॉ कर दिया। – The government withdrew the financial assistance scheme due to their grievances.

5. मेरे ग्राहक ने निराशा के कारण मेरी सेवाओं का उपयोग करने से विथड्रॉ कर दिया। – My customer withdrew from using my services due to dissatisfaction.

6. उन्होंने शो में शामिल होने से पहले अपना नाम विथड्रॉ कर दिया। – They withdrew their name before participating in the show.

These examples demonstrate the usage of the term “विथड्रॉ” (Withdraw) in various contexts, showcasing its meaning of canceling or taking back something in Hindi.

Withdraw Antonyms in Hindi and English 

Here are some antonyms of “विथड्रॉ” in both Hindi and English:

Hindi English
जमा करना Deposit
अपरिहार्य Irretrievable
छोड़ना Abandon
बंद करना Close
स्थगित करना Suspend

Withdraw Synonyms in Hindi and English 

The following table presents some synonyms of “विथड्रॉ” in both Hindi and English:

Hindi English
निकालना Extract
वापस लेना Retrieve
पीछे हटना Retreat
विलग करना Dissociate
जहाज धुना Disembark

Withdraw Q&A in Hindi and English

Q 1: विथड्रॉ का अर्थ क्या है?

A: विथड्रॉ का अर्थ है “निकासी करना” या “हटाना”.

Q 2: क्या बैंक खाते से पैसे विथड्रॉ किए जा सकते हैं?

A: हाँ, व्यक्ति बैंक खाते से पैसे विथड्रॉ कर सकते हैं.

Q 3: विथड्रॉ करने के लिए कौन-सा फॉर्म भरना होगा?

A: विथड्रॉ करने के लिए आपको निकटतम बैंक शाखा में जाकर एक विथड्रॉ फॉर्म भरना होगा.

Q 4: क्या विथड्रॉ निश्चित संख्या से अधिक बार किया जा सकता है?

A: हाँ, कुछ बैंकों में निश्चित संख्या से अधिक विथड्रॉ बार को शुल्क लगा सकता है.

Q 5: क्या विथड्रॉ के लिए कोई निर्धारित राशि होती है?

A: विथड्रॉ के लिए कुछ बैंकों में निर्धारित राशि होती है, जो स्थापित की गई होती है और बैंक के नियमों और शर्तों पर निर्भर करती है।

Q 6: What is the Meaning of “Withdraw”?

A: The meaning of “Withdraw” is “to remove” or “to take out”.

Q 7: Can I Withdraw Money From My Bank Account?

A: Yes, individuals can withdraw money from their bank accounts.

Q 8: Which Form Must I Fill Out to Withdraw Money?

A: To withdraw money, fill out a “Withdrawal Form” at the nearest bank branch.

Q 9: Can I Make More Than a Certain Number of Withdrawals?

A: Some banks may charge a fee for making withdrawals exceeding a certain limit.

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