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If you’ve ever come across the word “आर्डिनरी” and wondered what it means in Hindi, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into the ordinary meaning in Hindi, explore it in various contexts, provide sentence samples, discuss its antonyms and synonyms, and even answer some common questions related to this term.

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To understand the ordinary meaning in Hindi, we must first break down the word. “आर्डिनरी” (ordinary) is an adjective in English, and its Hindi counterpart also serves as an adjective. In Hindi, it translates to “सामान्य.” This term is used to describe something that is common, usual, or average.

Ordinary Meaning in Various Ways

The term “आर्डिनरी” in Hindi can be used in various ways, and its meaning depends on the context. Let’s explore some of the common contexts in which this term is used.

Ordinary Meaning in Hindi: Various Ways

1. Everyday Life

In our everyday life, we often encounter ordinary things and experiences. These are things that are usual, not special or extraordinary. For example, “यह किताब बहुत सामान्य है” means “This book is very ordinary.”

2. Academic Usage

In academic contexts, “आर्डिनरी” can refer to basic or fundamental concepts. It’s often used to describe foundational knowledge or principles. For instance, “विज्ञान के मौलिक सिद्धांत आर्डिनरी होते हैं” translates to “The fundamental principles of science are ordinary.”

3. Comparative Terms

“आर्डिनरी” can also be used in comparative terms. When you want to say that something is more ordinary than another thing, you can use this term. For instance, “वह किताब इससे और भी आर्डिनरी है” means “That book is even more ordinary than this one.”

Ordinary Meaning in Hindi With Sentence Samples

To provide you with a clearer understanding, here are some sentence samples using the term “आर्डिनरी”:

  • उसका खाने का शौक बहुत सामान्य है। (His eating habits are very ordinary.)
  • यह गाड़ी केवल एक सामान्य मॉडल है। (This car is just an ordinary model.)

Ordinary Antonyms in Hindi and English With Table Format

If you’re looking for antonyms of “आर्डिनरी,” you’ll find several options. Here’s a table format with Hindi and English antonyms:

Hindi English
असामान्य Extraordinary
अद्वितीय Unique
विशेष Special

Ordinary Synonyms in Hindi and English With Table Format

On the flip side, if you want synonyms for “आर्डिनरी,” you can use these words in both Hindi and English:

Hindi English
सामान्य Common
मामूली Average
साधारण Regular

 Ordinary Q&A in Hindi and English

1. What is the Opposite of “आर्डिनरी” in Hindi?

 The opposite of “आर्डिनरी” in Hindi is “असामान्य” (extraordinary).

2. Can “आर्डिनरी” be used to describe a person?

 Yes, “आर्डिनरी” can be used to describe a person who is average or not exceptional in any way.

3. Is “आर्डिनरी” a positive or negative term?

 “आर्डिनरी” is a neutral term that simply describes something as common or usual.

4. How can I use “आर्डिनरी” in a sentence?

 You can use it to describe everyday objects, experiences, or concepts. For example, “यह घड़ी बहुत सामान्य है” (This watch is very ordinary).

5. Are there synonyms for “आर्डिनरी” in Hindi?

 Yes, synonyms include “सामान्य” (common), “मामूली” (average), and “साधारण” (regular).

6. What Are Some Common Situations Where “आर्डिनरी” is Used?

 It’s used in everyday conversations, academic discussions, and when comparing things.

7. Can “आर्डिनरी” Be Used to Praise Something?

 It’s not typically used for praise but rather to describe something as ordinary or usual.

8. Is “आर्डिनरी” a Subjective Term?

 Yes, what is considered “आर्डिनरी” can vary from person to person and context to context.

9. Are There Any Idiomatic Expressions With “आर्डिनरी”?

 No, “आर्डिनरी” is a straightforward adjective with a clear meaning.

10. Can “आर्डिनरी” Be Used in Professional or Formal Writing?

 Yes, it can be used in various types of writing to describe things or concepts.


In conclusion, “आर्डिनरी” is a versatile term in Hindi that describes something as ordinary or common. It can be used in various contexts, from everyday conversations to academic discussions. Understanding its meaning and usage will enhance your Hindi language skills and communication abilities. So, the next time you come across “आर्डिनरी,”

By now, you’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of the term’s various applications, from its use in casual conversations to its role in academic discourse. Whether you encounter “आर्डिनरी” in literature, everyday dialogues, or scholarly works, you’ll be well-equipped to appreciate its nuanced meaning.

Embracing the richness of this word allows you to articulate the commonplace with precision and clarity. It enables you to discuss the ordinary in a language that acknowledges its significance. The next time you come across “आर्डिनरी,” you can do more than just understand its meaning; you can appreciate its cultural and linguistic importance.

So, go ahead and incorporate “आर्डिनरी” into your Hindi vocabulary with confidence, knowing that you have unraveled its depths and can wield it skillfully in your communication. Whether you’re describing everyday objects, discussing foundational concepts, or engaging in comparative analysis, “आर्डिनरी” will be your linguistic ally in expressing the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

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