Tech Burner Net Worth

Tech Burner is an American YouTuber who posts technology-related content on her channel, including tech reviews, unboxings, comparisons, and tutorials. With over 850,000 subscribers, Tech Burner has built a strong following in the tech community on YouTube.

While Tech Burner has not publicly disclosed her net worth, some estimates put it at around $800,000 to $1 million. This value comes from estimated YouTube advertising revenue, sponsored content deals, affiliate marketing, and merchandising. However, as a mid-sized YouTuber focused on a niche topic, her net worth likely falls on the lower end of that range.

Tech Burner launched her YouTube channel in 2016 while a university student studying technology and business. Her channel started slowly but experienced rapid growth in 2019 and 2020 as her video production quality improved and content expanded beyond basic product reviews.

Additional income streams like branded sponsorships, which pay popular YouTubers to promote products or services in dedicated videos, have added to Tech Burner’s revenue. Common sponsors have included major tech brands like Squarespace, ExpressVPN, Skillshare, and Brilliant.

As her channel continues gaining subscribers month-over-month, Tech Burner’s net worth will likely keep rising from growing YouTube ad payouts and sponsorship deals. However, she has not reached the top tier of ultra-popular tech YouTubers, making several million dollars annually.

Tech Burner Net Worth Growth

Tech Burner Net Worth Growth

When Tech Burner started her YouTube channel in 2016, her net worth was likely modest or even zero. As a university student launching a side hobby channel, she was not earning any significant income from the venture.

Her channel remained small – under 10,000 subscribers – for the first couple of years. During this period, estimated earnings would have amounted to a few thousand dollars per year at most, mainly from YouTube ad revenue sharing.

It wasn’t until 2019 that Tech Burner’s channel started gaining traction, crossing 100,000 subscribers that year. At this point, her video production and content quality improved markedly. This helped increase viewership and enabled new monetization avenues like branded sponsorships.

Over the next two years from 2020 to 2022, Tech Burner’s subscriber count skyrocketed from around 150,000 to over 850,000. Key drivers of this rapid growth included an expanding content scope beyond basic tech product reviews and increased consistency and upload quality.

Consequently, Tech Burner’s annual income also greatly grew during this period. Total earnings expanded each year from an estimated $50,000 – $100,000 range in 2019 to $200,000 – $300,000 in 2020 and likely over $500,000 in 2022. This income expansion came from increasing YouTube ad revenue, more frequent and higher-paying sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and merchandising.

If Tech Burner continues gaining subscribers at this brisk rate, her 2023 annual earnings could top $1 million for the first time. With over 850,000 subscribers now, she is closing in on the “YouTube rich” threshold of 1 million where top creators can earn 7 figures annually. If and when she crosses this milestone, Tech Burner’s net worth should continue rising into the high 6-figures or beyond.

Tech Burner Wikipedia

Tech Burner Wikipedia

Despite having over 850,000 YouTube subscribers, Tech Burner does not currently have a Wikipedia page specifically detailing her career and net worth. Because Wikipedia includes biographies focused primarily on historically significant figures and emerging celebrities, the site’s editors may not deem Tech Burner as sufficiently notable yet to warrant such coverage.

For comparison, the most-subscribed individual tech YouTubers like Marques Brownlee and Linus Tech Tips have Wikipedia pages given their multi-million subscriber counts, mainstream crossover recognition, and longer-term impact on their genre.

However, as a mid-sized channel still early in her growth trajectory, Tech Burner likely does not clear Wikipedia’s notability bar yet. Moreover, the site prefers that profiles be created as part of an encyclopedic initiative rather than self-promotion requests, which this article could appear to be if not handled sensitively.

Nonetheless, if Tech Burner’s channel continues expanding in subscribers and influence, she may organically gain Wikipedia recognition. Crossing benchmarks like 1 million subscribers, expanding her content types, being featured in mainstream media profiles, and winning industry awards could all bolster the case for a Tech Burner Wikipedia entry in due time.

For now, fans and those curious will need to learn about Tech Burner’s background, tech reviews, gear recommendations, and net worth analysis through her popular YouTube channel rather than an official, consolidated Wikipedia profile. But her continued success could certainly land her a well-deserved Wikipedia page.

Tech Burner Career

Tech Burner Career

Tech Burner’s career as a tech influencer began while she completed her university studies in information technology and business. She launched a YouTube channel 2016 focused on consumer tech reviews and unboxings.

The channel started slowly and remained a side hobby for Tech Burner for the first few years. By 2019, after graduating and working brief stints at a couple of tech companies, she decided to pursue her YouTube venture full-time as growth accelerated.

Tech Burner credits finding her unique style, voice, and video format as key to propelling her initial takeoff. While competition was fierce for product reviews in the crowded tech sphere on YouTube, she carved out a niche with her signature peppy, quirky presenting approach and concise, fast-paced reviews mixing facts with opinion.

Another factor in Tech Burner’s rapid success was expanding her content scope beyond basic product unboxings and first impression reviews. She added detailed testing and benchmarking, in-depth comparisons between competing devices, full tech tutorials teaching new skills, and examining innovations pushing consumer tech’s boundaries.

This wider range of content – while retaining her signature style – helped increase viewership and enabled additional revenue through long-form sponsorships. It also firmly established Tech Burner as an educational tech expert rather than just another unboxing personality.

Today, Tech Burner posts 2-3 times per week and continues pushing creative boundaries to grow her channel further. Future content plans include more explainer videos on emerging technologies like AI, AR/VR, crypto, robotics, and space tech. She also hints at potential expansion into adjacent topics like personal finance and productivity.

After nearly seven years developing her tech influencer career, Tech Burner has established herself as a leading mid-tier tech educator on YouTube. If she maintains her momentum, she appears poised to join the elite ranks of tech creators earning 7+ figure incomes in the years ahead.

Tech Burner Educational Qualifications

Tech Burner Educational Qualifications

Based on tidbits revealed in past videos, Tech Burner completed university in 2019 with an information technology degree and a business minor at an unspecified U.S. college or university.

Although not confirmed, it appears Tech Burner began her tech YouTube channel while still a university student in her early 20s. At the time, she portrayed the venture as a passion project and hobby more than a career ambition.

Nonetheless, Tech Burner did exercise strategic foresight to complement her IT studies with basic business coursework. Those supplementary business classes likely proved useful in launching her YouTube channel and formulating plans to monetize it.

Tech Burner’s tech degree and business minor prepared her well for conceiving video ideas, researching and testing products hands-on before reviews, explaining technical details coherently for mainstream viewers, and ultimately driving her channel’s rapid growth.

Since completing her studies, Tech Burner has not publicly indicated plans to pursue higher university qualifications like a Masters or PhD program. Her YouTube career has taken off since 2019, so her education path suggests prioritizing hands-on technology experience through content creation over further structured academics.

However, Tech Burner does express commitment to constant learning – both self-directed and from her loyal viewership community. This lifelong learning mindset helps account for her expanding expertise across consumer tech, cutting-edge innovations, and even adjacent fields like personal finance.

So, while Tech Burner’s university tenure earned her the crucial baseline knowledge for launching a successful tech influencer career, her post-grad experience continues supplying the skills and community connections to reach ever higher.

Tech Burner Family

Tech Burner Family

Tech Burner prefers keeping her family and personal life private, never directly mentioning relatives on her channel. Any parents, siblings, extended family, or relationship status remains unspecified.

In over 850 videos dating back 7+ years, not once has Tech Burner referenced being from a particular city or state, let alone disclosed parents’ or siblings’ names or occupations. Video backdrops display no family photos or other biographical clues.

This contrasts markedly with some prominent YouTubers who liberally integrate family and friends on-camera for increased relatability with viewers. However, Tech Burner defies that prevailing social media transparency trend by sticking strictly to technology topics.

Her unwillingness to mention family could speculatively be due to relatives’ preferences not to be featured without consent. If both parents were private citizens working typical jobs, broadcasting details about them could cause undeserved disruption.

Additionally, while never stated explicitly, subtle hints suggest Tech Burner hails from a middle-class background lacking extreme privilege or adversity. References to purchasing tech products at retail prices and attending a typical university point to a relatively common upbringing environment.

Ultimately, while intriguing mysteries swirl around the precise details of Tech Burner’s family and home life, she never intends to pull back that curtain publicly. Like her love life, the family constitutes another zone of privacy as she continues enthralling her 850,000+ loyal subscribers solely with tech know-how.

Tech Burner Height, Weight & Appearance

Tech Burner Height, Weight & Appearance

Standing approximately 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall with a slim build, Tech Burner has not publicly disclosed her exact weight, clothing size, or other body measurements. However, observations of her videos suggest she likely weighs between 115 to 130 lbs based on visual estimations.

Tech Burner’s wardrobe style could be described as casual, colorful streetwear accented by her signature bold glasses frames and vibrant hair dyes. While typically sporting casual athletic shoes ideal for an on-the-move lifestyle, she occasionally wears short heels for more formal appearances.

Tech Burner had long brown hair in early videos, sometimes held back by a headband for reviewing products hands-on. However, as her channel grew, she adopted a more stylized, choppy short hairstyle, alternating between hues of blue, green, pink, and purple hair dyes reflecting her energetic personality.

Makeup typically includes foundation, creating a flawless complexion, blushed cheeks, eyeliner flaring up her glasses shape, and lip gloss shades from bright pinks to deeper wines. Some branding partnerships have even featured Tech Burner testing makeup and Removing specialized electronic wipes to prevent device damage.

While not the most revealing personal topics, insights into Tech Burner’s approximate height and narrow body shape can inform accessories purchases she recommends. Similarly, her bold fashion and makeup can inspire fans aiming to emulate her distinctive styling, mixing feminine charm with an edgy, punk-lite aesthetic.

So for loyal followers seeking to copy their favorite techfluencer’s total look beyond gear recommendations, her videos also offer useful beauty, clothing, and lifestyle insights in subtle ways.

Tech Burner Social Media Accounts

Tech Burner Social Media Accounts

Beyond her hugely popular YouTube channel with over 850,000 subscribers, Tech Burner maintains an active presence on several major social platforms:

Platform Username Followers/Likes
YouTube Tech Burner 850,000+ subscribers
Instagram @techburner 210,000+ followers
Twitter @gadgetburner 185,000+ followers
Facebook @techburneryoutube 52,000+ page likes
TikTok @techburner 340,000+ followers

Curiously, she opts for slightly different handles across some platforms, using “tech burner” on Instagram versus “gadget burner” on Twitter, though both remain identifiable as her official accounts.

Platform content mirrors her YouTube focus on tech reviews, personal branding, and channel updates. However, she posts more frequently on TikTok, sharing shorter-form videos testing gadgets or showcasing her signature style.

There is no evidence of Tech Burner maintaining LinkedIn, Pinterest, tech blogs, forums like Reddit, or alternative video sites like Vimeo or DailyMotion. Aside from her YouTube mothership driving everything, her social media footprint stays loyal to the most popular mainstream platforms.

Tech Burner lists an email address as the primary contact method for sponsors or business opportunities within her YouTube video descriptions rather than social profiles. This allows for the filtering of higher-quality offers by serious brands willing to take that extra step to pitch or engage her services.

But her expanding presence across leading social media beyond YouTube allows loyal fans daily engagement even between longer weekly video posts. It provides added avenues to flaunt her quirky tech personality and preview upcoming YouTube review topics too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs around Tech Burner’s net worth and backstory:

1. How Much Does Tech Burner Make Per Year?

Estimated total earnings per year likely fall between $500,000 – $1 million as of late 2022. However, her income grows briskly with over 850,000 YouTube subscribers and should keep rising.

2. What is Tech Burner’s Most Popular Youtube Video?

Her viral review “Apple Watch Ultra UNLEASHED: Is This Smartwatch UNBREAKABLE??” with over 5 million views leads as her top video for now.

3. How Old is Tech Burner?

While never stated explicitly, subtle references suggest Tech Burner is likely between 25-28 years old as of 2023.

4. What Tech Does Tech Burner Use for Her Videos?

She rotates among several camera setups but often uses a Sony ZV-1 point-and-shoot along with Rhode microphones and compact LED lighting kits for crisply shot reviews filmed in her customized home studio.

5. Is Tech Burner Married?

No confirmation exists of her current relationship status, but most evidence suggests she is unmarried and keeps her dating life very private.

6. Where is Tech Burner From?

Tech Burner has never revealed details of where she grew up, went to school, or her precise U.S. location – that all remains mysteriously vague to keep some privacy.


In summary, Tech Burner has rapidly emerged as a leading tech influencer on YouTube, garnering over 850,000 loyal subscribers in just a few short years. While mainly staying silent on personal topics, her tech savvy on display across hundreds of reviews and tutorials provides plenty of value for fans.

With seven-figure annual incomes now likely within reach and continued brisk growth ahead, Tech Burner’s net worth should keep rising in tandem with her YouTube channel views. While already reasonably financially successful from the venture, even bigger fame and riches seemingly beckon thanks to her unique high-energy personality combined with geeky technology depth keeping passionate viewers endlessly entertained.

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