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Rj Praveen, also known as Praveen Sethia, is an Indian radio jockey, voice-over artist, actor, and entrepreneur. He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2024.

Rj Praveen gained recognition in the early 2000s as an RJ at Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM in Bangalore. He quickly became one of the most popular radio personalities in South India due to his unique style of hosting shows. Over the past two decades, Praveen has expanded his career into various entertainment mediums, including hosting TV shows, acting in films, doing voice-over work, and investing in startups.

According to reports, most of Rj Praveen’s net worth comes from his work as a radio host and voice artist. He likely charges premium rates for hosting radio shows, narrating ad campaigns and lending his voice to films/TV programs. He also earns from his small portfolio of real estate investments. Additionally, Praveen draws income from his acting roles, business ventures, and equity stakes in startups.

As Rj Praveen continues his remarkable 20+ year career in entertainment, his personal fortune will likely continue rising. Key sources contributing to his growing net worth include radio/TV hosting deals, ad campaign/voice-over projects, acting gigs, startup investments, and real estate holdings.

Rj Praveen Worth Growth

Rj Praveen Worth Growth

The net worth of renowned radio host Rj Praveen has steadily increased over the past 15+ years as he has diversified his career across different entertainment mediums.

Praveen gained fame in the early 2000s as an RJ hosting popular shows on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM in Bangalore. During these early radio career years, his net worth was likely in the mid-six figures in USD.

His net worth trajectory started increasing in the late 2000s as he expanded into hosting TV programs on regional Kannada channels. The increased TV exposure brought more hosting deals and voice-over work, amplifying his earnings.

In the 2010s, Rj Praveen further grew his wealth by making his film debut in Kannada movies. His acting roles have been another income stream contributing to his rising net worth. He has also invested in Bangalore real estate and startup companies during this period.

Recent estimates show Praveen’s net worth ranges between $1 to $2 million. Key drivers of his net worth growth have been hosting fees, voice acting charges, film salaries, startup equity and real estate holdings.

As he continues his multifaceted entertainment career, Rj Praveen’s wealth is expected to rise in the coming years, potentially reaching eight figures steadily. Ongoing hosting gigs, acting roles, ad campaigns, entrepreneurial stakes and property investments will buoy his increasing fortune.

Rj Praveen Wikipedia

Rj Praveen Wikipedia

Rj Praveen has no Wikipedia page dedicated solely to his biography and career. This is likely because Wikipedia’s notable person criteria require subject individuals to have sufficient coverage in independent third-party publications.

Praveen has earned fame primarily as a regional radio and TV host in South India, catering to Kannada-speaking audiences. Most of the media coverage on him has been from local outlets focused on the Karnataka entertainment scene. He may not yet have enough national or international profile recognition to warrant his Wikipedia entry.

However, there are possibilities for Rj Praveen to get a Wikipedia page in the future. As his multifaceted entertainment career evolves, he may receive expanded coverage from larger Indian media platforms. If credible English/Hindi publications start regularly profiling and covering news on Praveen, he could become eligible for a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Additionally, as he takes on more high-profile hosting roles, voice acting projects and film acting gigs expanding his national fanbase, the chances of him meeting Wikipedia’s notability threshold requirements also increase. For instance, radio personalities like Roshan Abbas do have dedicated Wikipedia pages and Praveen scaling his RJ fame to a comparable level could see him potentially get wiki coverage.

Rj Praveen Career

Rj Praveen Career

Rj Praveen has cultivated an expansive career spanning over 20 years across various facets of the entertainment industry including radio, TV, film, voice acting, entrepreneurship, and investments.


Praveen’s career began in the late 1990s as a radio jockey at Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM in Bangalore. His unique RJ style quickly made him one of the most popular personalities on Bangalore radio. To date he has hosted 4 different shows on Mirchi garnering him great fame and the honorific title of “King of Radio Jockey”.


Leveraging his radio popularity, Praveen started hosting TV shows on Kannada regional channels in the mid-2000s. Notable Kannada TV programs he has hosted include Pyate Hudugaru, Majaa Maathu and Comedy Kiladigalu.


In 2010, Rj Praveen debuted his Sandalwood movie with the Kannada film #6neMaili opposite actress Amulya. This foray into films opened another income avenue, contributing to his rising net worth.

Voice Acting:

Praveen is an accomplished voice-over artist active in radio ads, TV campaigns, movie promos and corporate videos. His distinctive vocal delivery makes him a highly sought-after voice talent.


He has co-founded startups likewikKNTT – an aggregator for local service professionals. He also runs Praveen School of Voice, training aspiring RJs and voice artists.


To diversify his earnings, Rj Praveen has small investments in real estate assets in Bangalore. He also holds minority equity stakes in budding startups.

Rj Praveen Educational Qualifications

Rj Praveen Educational Qualifications

Rj Praveen studied at St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School Indiranagar in Bangalore where he was an average student focused more on sports and extracurricular activities. Academics was not his forte back in his school days.

After finishing 12th grade, Praveen enrolled in Jain University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. However he dropped out from Jain in the second year once he started getting traction as an RJ at Radio Mirchi Bangalore.

So technically, Rj Praveen has no bachelor’s level or advanced university degree. He is primarily self-taught harnessing years of practical learnings from his exponential rise in radio, media and entertainment.

But in recent years, educational credentials seem less relevant to success in showbiz fields given the surge of famous internet influencers and celebrities with no formal college degrees. For RJ hosts like Praveen with innate talents, demonstrated skills and growing fandoms – academic qualifications have not been an impediment when advancing their entertainment careers.

Rj Praveen Family

Rj Praveen Family

Rj Praveen was born on June 15th, 1978, in Bangalore, India to middle-class Tamil parents. His father Mr. M. Sethia worked as sales manager at an electronics appliances store and his mother was a homemaker.

Praveen has an older brother named Sunil Sethia who owns a textile manufacturing business. Sunil’s clothing venture has achieved decent success and likely elevated the Sethia family’s net worth.

In 2007, Rj Praveen married his long-time girlfriend Smitha Prasad in a lavish wedding ceremony held in Bangalore. Smitha works in HR at an international tech company’s Bangalore office. The couple have a daughter named Tia Sethia and a son called Viaan Sethia.

Praveen prefers keeping his family away from media glare and public events to give them privacy. He has shared that his family, specially his wife Smitha and kids have been very supportive throughout his radio career allowing him flexibility to nurture his passion. Their support has contributed immensely to his professional growth over the years.

Rj Praveen Height, Weight & Appearance

Rj Praveen Height, Weight & Appearance

Regarding physical appearance, Rj Praveen stands at a modest height of around 5 feet 7 inches (approx 1.7 meters) which is average among Indian men. He weighs around 70 kgs, and possesses an athletic body type.

Praveen grooms a well-maintained designer stubble along with neatly gelled hair in medium length crop-cut style. He has an olive skin tone being of Tamil descent. Praveen prefers dressing up stylishly, experimenting with bright co-ords, statement jackets and trendy shoes in his public appearances.

His pleasant demeanor coupled with energetic body language plays a role supplementing his conversational and comic RJ hosting talents. The relatable physical appearance also connects him better with regional audiences and fans.

Rj Praveen Social Media Account

Rj Praveen Social Media Account

Platform Profile Link Followers/Subscribers
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/praveensethia/ 290K+
Twitter https://twitter.com/praveensethia 22K+
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/iampraveensethia/ 65K+
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf5–z12itx0ekI1rtOatkA 2.7K+

As an active radio host and media personality since 2000s, Rj Praveen has strong presence across major social media platforms:

Facebook – Praveen manages an official verified Facebook page under his name with over 290K followers. He uses this page to actively engage with loyal listeners posting updates on his current/upcoming hosting roles, ad campaigns and entrepreneurial projects. The large fan following signals his regional popularity.

Twitter – His verified Twitter handle @praveensethia has amassed around 22K followers. Praveen tweets about his latest hosting/acting gigs, humor, and words of wisdom to his fans.

Instagram – Given visual social media’s rising preference over text-based platforms today, Rj Praveen’s main outlet is now his Instagram account with handle @iampraveensethia which has over 65K dedicated followers. He shares BTS photos/videos from radio shows, movie sets and celebrity encounters – giving fans exclusive access to his daily professional life. The visual insights help strengthen his mass appeal.

YouTube – Praveen also runs a modest YouTube channel to archive clips of his popular RJ segments, movie scenes, ad shoots and inspirational messages. But he is less active here with only 2.7K subscribers – likely preferring Instagram over YouTube now to attract younger fans digitally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs about radio host Rj Praveen:

1. What is Rj Praveen’s Net Worth?

Rj Praveen has an estimated net worth hovering around $1.5 million as of 2024. The majority comes from his 20+ year career as radio host, voice artist and actor.

2. How Much Does Rj Praveen Earn Per Movie?

His film acting salary averages $20K to $30K per Kannada movie as a supporting actor or in special appearances. Top billing roles can fetch even higher paychecks.

3. How Much Does Rj Praveen Charge for Brand Endorsements/ads?

Praveen likely charges from $3K up to $10K, depending on the brand’s popularity for endorsing products on radio, TV and social media.

4. What Cars Does Rj Praveen Own?

He owns premium cars like the BMW 3 Series sedan and Volvo XC90 luxury SUV worth around $55K and $60K, respectively.

5. Is Rj Praveen Married?

Yes, Praveen has been married to Smitha Prasad since 2007. They have two children – a teenage daughter and a son.


In summary, Rj Praveen has gradually built immense fame and fortune over 20+ years as an RJ, media host, actor, and entrepreneur. His current net worth is an impressive $1.5 million, fuelled by income from diverse entertainment roles, startup equity, and real estate assets.

With his visibility expanding through hosting gigs beyond just regional radio to national TV, web series, and films – while also gaining equity stakes in newer startups, Rj Praveen’s wealth has ample room for steady growth in the years ahead, potentially crossing eight figures.

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