Central Bank Of India CIF Number
Central Bank Of India CIF Number

You should be familiar with the CIF Number that is shown on the Central Bank Passbook if you have a bank account with the Central Bank of India. For those who are uncertain, the definition of the CIF Number can be found here. CIF stands for Customer Information File Number. The Central Bank of India Customer Information File (CIF) No consists of 11 digits. The Central Bank of India provides an account number when one is opened. A distinct CIF number is assigned to each newly created account at the State Bank of India. We have also covered how to use net banking to find an 11-digit CIF number.

Customers in India can use internet banking through the Central Bank of India, a nationalised bank. Consider a customer who has a number of accounts, such as a bank account, a time deposit, a loan account, a Demat account, and so on, at a central bank branch. The consumer and their accounts are then identified using this number. We’ll look at “How to Find the Central Bank of India CIF Number” in this article.

In 1911, the Bank was started. Sir Pherozesha Mehta served as the Central Bank’s first chairman. The first bank that really was entirely owned and run by Indians was the Central Bank of India. The Bank has been offering its clients banks for more than 109 years.

Central Bank Of India CIF Number

What is the online and offline location of the CIF number for the Central Bank of India?

Finding the CIF number of the Central Bank of India is not always easy. Finding a central bank client id can be done in a variety of ways, including by visiting their site, calling them at a specified number, or looking it up in your bank statement. We have outlined every method you may use to locate the central bank’s cif number via SMS.

The steps to find a central bank’s CIF number offline are as follows:

  • Customers can check their Customer Details File Number using the CBI Passbook.
  • The Central Bank of India CIF No is also printed on the bank statements for users to see. The bank statement also includes other crucial information like the IFSC Code and Account Number.
  • The CIF number is printed in the Central Bank of India chequebook as well.
CIF Number Offline

Customers can also obtain the Customers File Number by going in person to the CBI Branch. Use the customer helpline number to get in touch with bank representatives if you don’t want to spend time. The 1800221911 CBI toll-free number is available to users.

Using the Cent mobile application, check your CBI CIF number online:

  • Install Cent-mPassbook, the official CBI app, on your smartphone.
  • You must have registered your user ID with the application.
  • Now log in with the correct information.
  • then navigate to User Profile.
  • The central bank’s CIF number will be visible.
How To Find Central Bank Of India CIF Number

CBI CIF Number Declaration With Account: Your CIF number from the Central Bank of India is on the account statement. You can access your Internet Banking to generate the monthly account statement, or you can request it by email.

Are the Indian Bank and Central Bank the same thing?

The fact that the Central Bank and the Bank of India are the same organisation is not widely known. As a result, I would like to let everyone know that these banks are not the same thing. These two banks are government-run institutions (public sector). Both banks operate differently from one another and are unique from one another.

What does the Central Bank’s CIF code stand for?

The CIF number, or Client Information File number, is an 11-digit code that is specific to each client and is issued by the Central Bank of India.

Regardless of the quantity of accounts under a person’s ownership, the CIF number will be allocated to each of those accounts.

How can I locate the CBI’s SMS CIF number?

You are unable to locate your account’s CIF number via SMS. However, you could use SMS financial services to access Mini statements and your account balance.

CIF number


Most individuals aren’t sure if a single account holder’s numerous accounts, along with an FD account and even a bank account, each possess their own unique CIF numbers. But this is not the case.

Even if a person has many accounts, the CIF number will be allocated to each of them.

When a consumer has a CIF number, which is given by every bank, it is feasible to immediately access all of their financial information.

How to Locate the CIF Number of the Central Bank of India on a Cheque Book?

Open the first page of your Passbook from the Central Bank of India.

Your chequebook’s first page will list the account holder’s information, including Identity, Address, Account Number, etc.

You will see your CIF Number shown on that page along with these details.

The Central Bank of India can provide you with a CIF number; make a note of it for future use.

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When is a Central Bank of India customer ID number required?

Although the Bank exclusively employs CIF internally, several services require a CIF number.

Transfers of bank accounts between branches.

account number and CIF number the same

Are the account number and CIF number the same?

A bank account number and a CIF number can never be matched. Both your CIF number and the number associated with your bank account will change. No, you can only have one CIF number with a bank; you can however have multiple account numbers. Therefore, it cannot be the same.


The CIF number for your Central Bank of India account can be found in a variety of places. Both online and offline users can get the CIF number of the Central Bank of India. This article focused entirely on How To Find Central Bank Of India CIF Number in the event that you have any questions or concerns about this subject, kindly post them in the comments box.

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