As the summer sun beckons us to the water, it’s time to discuss the hottest bikini swimwear trends that will dominate shoreline fashion this season. Whether planning a beach getaway or just lounging by the pool, the bikini will make you look your best. From high-waisted to triangle cut, there’s a style for everyone.

One particular style that has gained popularity is the cheeky bikini and its multiple variations. Endlessly versatile and flattering, this swimsuit style is known for its distinctive high-cut leg openings, which expose a bit more of your hips and derrière. Keep reading to discover which trending bikini style will match your summer vibe!

Trending Summer Bikini Styles

The bikini has become versatile with its different styles, colors, designs, and patterns. Here are the top five types trending this summer season:

1. High-Waisted Bikini Styles

Reminiscent of 90s fashion, the high-waisted bikini is making a solid comeback this year. These bottoms cover and sync the waistline, offering a comfortable and stylish look that hides a little more of the tummy.

2. Wearing the Triangle Style

The triangle bikini style, made famous by celebrities, involves wearing your bikini top upside down. With the strings that tie around your back, this style is versatile and can be adjusted to fit any size.

3. One-Shoulder Bikini Cuts

Chic one-shoulder bikinis will make a huge splash this summer season and are perfect for making a statement with glamour and fashion. This cut offers an exquisite and asymmetrical look.

4. Cut-Out Bikini Fun

A cut-out bikini has strategic openings in the fabric designed to show off flashes of sun-kissed skin. These openings add a beautiful touch that celebrates the figure when thoughtfully placed.

5. The Sexy Cheeky Bikini

The cheeky bikini is the go-to choice for a bold summer look for those looking to embrace a playful and flirty swim look. These bikinis have higher cuts that accentuate curves and offer a flattering look. Here are the most popular styles of cheeky cut bikinis available:

● Moderate Coverage and High-Waisted

When you want a little more support, a moderate coverage cheeky cut or one with a high waist is the perfect solution. These swimsuit styles offer a sleek look without revealing too much.

● True Cheeky Cut Bottoms

The true cheeky cut style still provides a comfortable level of coverage while just the bottom half of your cheeks hang out, still providing that sexy, flattering look.

● Cheeky Thong Bikinis

The thong bikini bottom has minimal coverage that showcases the entire buttocks. Known as a Brazilian cut bikini, these suits’ ability to minimize tan lines makes them widely popular.

● Cheeky Bikinis with Inverted Curves

Some cheeky cut bikinis have inverted curves meant to emphasize the roundness of your bottom and give it a lift. The inverted curves create a unique look that really stands out!

Embrace Your Perfect Summer Bikini

Choosing the right bikini for this summer is about your style and comfort. Whether you prefer the vintage allure of high-waisted bottoms or the bold statement of a cheeky bikini, the versatile bikini cut is the go-to choice for making the biggest splash in swim fashion. Remember, when considering which style to go with this summer, choose what makes you feel confident and joyful, and you’ll be sure to have a blast.

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