Modern Baby Boy Names In TamilModern Baby Boy Names In Tamil

Discover contemporary and stylish names for your son with our extensive list of Modern Baby Boy Names in Tamil. Congratulations on this exciting journey! On this page, you’ll find a curated collection of unique and trending names.

Our list goes beyond the ordinary, offering names that are both stylish and meaningful. What sets us apart is the inclusion of meanings along with the names, providing you with valuable insights to easily identify the perfect modern baby boy name in Tamil. Dive into our collection and celebrate this special milestone with a name that reflects style, uniqueness, and significance. Download the PDF file to explore an unlimited array of options for your little one.

Modern Baby Boy Names in Tamil

Name in TamilName in EnglishMeaning
ஆகிலான்AkilanWorldly Wise; one who possesses knowledge and wisdom related to the world.
பாரிதிParithiSun; a bright and shining personality like the sun.
சுகேந்தர்SurendharBeautiful King; a handsome and regal individual.
தனுஷ்DhanushBow; symbolizing strength, focus, and determination.
இனிIniyanSweet; a person with a gentle and pleasing nature.
கோகுலன்GokulanLord Krishna; associated with the divine and playful personality of Krishna.
ஹரிHariVishnu; one who removes sins and brings prosperity.
இருஷன்IrushanSun; representing brightness, warmth, and energy.
ஜேஷ்JeshVictorious; a person who achieves success and triumphs.
கவின்KavinHandsome; an attractive and good-looking individual.
லீனாதன்LeenathanKind and Humble; a person characterized by gentleness and humility.
முகிலன்MugilanCloud; symbolizing vastness, mystery, and adaptability.
நந்தகுமார்NandhakumarJoyful Prince; a cheerful and regal individual bringing happiness.
ஓம்OmSacred Syllable; a divine and universally significant sound in Hinduism.
பாரத்BharathIndia; a patriotic name associated with the nation.
சரண்SaranShelter; a person providing protection and refuge to others.
தரிணிThariniEarth; symbolizing groundedness, stability, and nurturing.
உதயன்UdhayanRising Sun; a symbol of hope, new beginnings, and positivity.
வெட்டையன்VettaiyanHunter; someone skilled in tracking and capturing.
யுவன்YuvanYouthful; a person full of energy and vitality.
அஹிலன்AhilanKnowledgeable; someone with deep understanding and wisdom.
பிரபுPrabhuGod; a name signifying divinity and lordship.
செல்வன்SelvanProsperous; a person who is successful and flourishing.
திருவாரூர்ThiruvarurSacred Place; associated with a holy and revered location.
உரைகிழக்குUrailkizhakuBrave; a person characterized by courage and fearlessness.
வேதான்VedhanKnowledgeable; someone well-versed and learned.
சோமன்SomanFlower; a name associated with beauty and delicacy.
அரிவன்ArivanKnowledgeable; a person with profound wisdom.
பகவான்BhagavanGod; a name signifying the divine and supreme.
சிவபாலன்SivabalanProtector of Shiva; one who guards and preserves the essence of Shiva.
தேனியான்TheniyanSweet; a person with a pleasant and amiable disposition.
ஹரிதாஸ்HarithasGreen; symbolizing freshness, fertility, and life.
இருவன்IravanKing of Ocean; a regal and majestic ruler of the seas.
கிருஷ்ணாKrishnaLord Krishna; a name associated with the divine and playful deity.
லோகேஷ்LogeshLord of the World; a divine ruler and protector of the universe.
மகிழன்MakilanJoyful; a person filled with happiness and delight.
நீலகண்NeelakanBlue-Eyed; a person with captivating blue eyes.
ஒளிவான்OlivanRadiant; someone who shines brightly and brings light.
பாரணிParaniPrince; a royal and regal individual.
குமார்KumarPrince; a young royal or noble person.
ராகுல்RagulBest Among All; someone who excels and stands out.
சகதிSakthiPower; a person with strength and energy.
தேவாDevaGod; a divine and heavenly being.
இந்திரன்IndranGod of Rain; a deity associated with rainfall and prosperity.
கோபிKobiJoy; a person who brings happiness and delight.
லொகேஷ்LokeshKing of the World; a ruler and leader of the entire world.
மகிந்தன்MagindanMoon; symbolizing calmness, serenity, and beauty.
நீலாயுதன்NeelayudhanBlue Sword; a person associated with a powerful and unique weapon.
ஒளிராஜன்OliRajanKing of Light; a ruler who brings brightness and illumination.
புருஷோத்தம்PurushothamSupreme Personality; an individual with divine and exceptional qualities.
ரோகித்RogithWinner of Battles; a victorious and triumphant person.
சரணன்SarananRefuge; a person who provides shelter and protection to others.
தருணாTharunaYouthful; a person characterized by energy, vigor, and a young spirit.
உயர்ந்தன்UyarnthanBlue Sword; is a person associated with a powerful and unique weapon.
வகுண்டன்VakulanOrnament; a person who adds beauty and grace to surroundings.
யாதவன்YathavanLord Krishna; a name associated with the divine and compassionate deity.
அஹாரன்AharanImperishable; a name representing eternal qualities and endurance.
பவன்PavanWind; symbolizing a force that is powerful yet gentle.
சிந்தான்SindhanThoughtful; a person characterized by deep reflection and consideration.
திலகன்ThilaganPride; someone who brings honor and pride to their family or community.
உருவாக்கம்UruvaakkamCreation; a person associated with creativity and the act of bringing things into existence.
வைகுண்டன்VaikundanLord Vishnu; a name associated with the divine and transcendent deity.
காரணன்KarananCause; a person who is the reason or cause for positive change or impact.
லோகபதிLokapathiLord of the World; a divine ruler and protector of the universe.
மூலிகைMooligaiHerb; symbolizing healing, wellness, and natural remedies.
நேதாஜிNethajiLeader; a person who guides and leads others with authority and charisma.
ஒளிமுகன்OlimuganRadiant Face; a person with a bright and glowing countenance.

Modern Baby Boy Names in Tamil Starting With P

Modern Baby Boy Names in Tamil Starting With P

If you’re in search of a Tamil name for your baby boy, specifically one that begins with the letter “P,” you’re in the right place. Our carefully curated list below is tailored to meet your preferences and assist you in finding the perfect name for your little one. Discover the charm of Tamil names starting with “P” and make this naming journey a seamless and delightful experience.

1. Pranav

Meaning: Sacred syllable OM; Symbol of the cosmic sound.

Details: Pranav is a popular name representing the universal sound ‘Om,’ which holds great significance in Hinduism.

2. Prithvi

Meaning: Earth; Another name for the goddess Earth.

Details: Prithvi is a name that signifies the Earth, and it is often chosen by parents who appreciate nature and its elements.

3. Pranesh

Meaning: Lord of life; Another name for Lord Vishnu.

Details: Pranesh is a name associated with Lord Vishnu, the preserver in Hinduism, and it emphasizes the divine aspect of life.

4. Prakash

Meaning: Light; Brightness.

Details: Prakash is a name that reflects illumination and brightness, making it a positive and radiant choice.

5. Prem

Meaning: Love; Affection.

Details: Prem is a simple and heartfelt name, directly translating to love, making it a popular choice among those who value the emotion.

6. Pavan

Meaning: Wind; Air.

Details: Pavan is a name associated with the elements of air and wind, symbolizing a free-spirited and dynamic nature.

7. Praveen

Meaning: Skillful; Expert; Competent.

Details: Praveen is a name that conveys proficiency and expertise, making it a suitable choice for parents who value competence.

8. Pranay

Meaning: Love; Affection.

Details: Pranay is a name similar to ‘Prem,’ emphasizing love and affection, making it a warm and endearing choice.

9. Parthiban

Meaning: King of Kings; Arjuna; A name for Lord Krishna.

Details: Parthiban is a name with royal connotations, associated with the great warrior Arjuna and Lord Krishna.

10. Pranjal

Meaning: Honest; Simple; Straightforward.

Details: Pranjal is a name reflecting honesty and simplicity, making it an admirable choice for those who value sincerity.

11. Pramod

Meaning: Happiness; Joy.

Details: Pramod is a name that signifies joy and happiness, making it an optimistic and cheerful choice.

12. Pritam

Meaning: Beloved; Loved one.

Details: Pritam is a name expressing endearment and love, making it a sweet and affectionate choice.

13. Prajwal

Meaning: Bright; Shining.

Details: Prajwal is a name associated with brightness and radiance, symbolizing a luminous and positive personality.

14. Prasanna

Meaning: Cheerful; Happy; Content.

Details: Prasanna is a name reflecting a cheerful and contented disposition, making it an optimistic choice.

15. Pugal

Meaning: Fame; Glory.

Details: Pugal is a name representing fame and glory, suitable for parents who wish for their child to achieve success and recognition.

Tips To Select Modern Baby Boy Names

Tips To Select Modern Baby Boy Names

Discovering a modern Tamil baby boy’s name is both delightful and challenging. To guide you through this exciting journey, here are some valuable tips:

  1. Blend Tradition with Modernity
    • Infuse a stylish touch by combining traditional elements with modern influences.
  2. Prioritize Positive Meanings
    • Choose names with positive meanings and contemporary values, ensuring a meaningful choice for your little one.
  3. Opt for Easy-to-Pronounce Names
    • Select names that are easy to pronounce yet carry a modern appeal, facilitating effortless communication.
  4. Stay Updated on Trends
    • Keep abreast of modern trends in Tamil baby names to ensure your choice remains current and resonates with the times.
  5. Balance Uniqueness with Familiarity
    • Strike a balance between a unique and familiar name, considering compatibility with the family surname for a harmonious combination.

Embark on the journey of selecting the perfect modern Tamil baby boy name by incorporating these tips, making the process both enjoyable and meaningful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Specific Naming Customs or Traditions in Tamil Culture That Parents Should Consider When Choosing a Modern Baby Boy Name?

When choosing a modern baby boy name in Tamil culture, consider traditional naming customs like:

  • Honouring ancestors
  • Using astrological guidance
  • Incorporating meaningful elements

These practices can add depth and significance to your choice.

How Do Parents Typically Decide on the Pronunciation of Modern Tamil Baby Boy Names, Especially Those With Unique Spellings?

When choosing the pronunciation of modern Tamil baby boy names, parents typically rely on familial or cultural norms.

You may discuss with relatives or consult resources for guidance on unique spellings to ensure correct pronunciation.

Are There Any Modern Tamil Baby Boy Names That Have Gained Popularity Recently Due to Their Connection to Popular Culture or Celebrities?

You might find that some modern Tamil baby boy names have recently become popular because of their ties to celebrities or pop culture.

These names often reflect current trends and can offer a unique choice for your child.

Do Modern Tamil Baby Boy Names Have Any Significance or Symbolism That Parents Should Be Aware of When Choosing a Name for Their Child?

When selecting a name for your child, be mindful of its significance and symbolism in Tamil culture. Names can carry cultural, religious, or historical meanings. Understanding these can help you choose a name that resonates with you.

Taking the time to research and reflect on the different aspects of a name can lead to a meaningful choice that reflects your values and beliefs. Remember that a name is more than just a label – it is a representation of identity and heritage.

Are There Any Resources or Websites That Provide Suggestions or Recommendations for Modern Tamil Baby Boy Names Beyond the Traditional and Trendy Options Listed in the Article?

For more unique Tamil baby boy names, explore online resources like parenting forums, baby name websites, or Tamil culture websites.

They offer diverse suggestions beyond traditional and trendy names, helping you find the perfect fit.


You’ve just discovered over 200 modern baby boy names in Tamil, each with its own unique meaning. Whether you prefer traditional, trendy, nature-inspired, mythological, or unique names, the options are endless.

Choosing the perfect name for your little one is an important decision, so take your time and consider the significance behind each name. Congratulations on expanding your list of potential names for your baby boy!

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