What is password for SBI statement
What is password for SBI statement

A statutory organization providing public sector financial and banking services is the State Bank of India (SBI). Mumbai is home to SBI’s main office. The bank has been around for more than 200 years, making it the bank that Indians have had the most faith in. 

Customers of SBI have several options for downloading the account statement. However, you must input the password each time to read the account statement because it is password-protected. Your personal information, including your mobile number, date of birth, account number, card number, etc., are required to open the account statement in the format that SBI Bank has established. This post will explain what a password for a BI statement is and how to properly remember it. 

In order to open the account statement without a password at any time, we will also look at how to delete the password from the PDF file.

SBI Bank Account Statement 

SBI Bank Account Statement 

Every day, a lot of work is devoted to figuring out how banks can reach their clients more effectively and conveniently while causing them no difficulty. The bank statement is the most important piece of data we frequently want from the bank. 

In order to obtain the printed statement, we had to visit the bank. Right now, we all have to open a standard PDF file. You may instantly receive your bank statement using the SBI mobile application.

  • Log in either by visiting the online banking website or by launching the SBI mobile app. 
  • Choose “statements” from the menu drop-down list on the left. 
  • You ought to decide which account you want the bank statement for.
  • By date or time, choose the required statement number. 
  • At the top, there is a “download statement” option. Choose the PDF version of the statement. Verify the statement’s time frame to see if it is a month, six months, or a year. 
  • When done, right-click on the desired statement and select “save as PDF.” The statement will instantly be stored on your phone.

After completing this procedure, you will have quick access to the appropriate bank statement on your smartphone. The next crucial action you need to take is to open this PDF file using a password.

How to Open a PDF Password of an SBI Bank Statement 

How to Open a PDF Password of an SBI Bank Statement 

With the use of a password, SBI and a few other banks save all relevant files. This password type aids in considerably better information encryption. You might first have trouble remembering the password. 

Your mobile device’s statement PDF’s password is your 11-digit SBI account number. Customers of SBI can obtain PDF files of up to one year’s worth of statements.

To view your bank statement that was downloaded in PDF format, just enter the password, which is your 11-digit account number without the prefix 0.

Password for SBI Bank Statement PDF

The procedures for unlocking SBI E-Statement have been described. Now, you must follow these instructions if you received the statement via Gmail. The customer must input their date of birth in the format DDMMYY along with the last five digits of their registered cellphone number. For instance, the password for a mobile number with the DOB of 25 August 1990 would be XXXXX13458.

One may access the statement without paying anything by using online banking and the SBI Mobile app. If you want a printed statement, you must go to the SBI branch, where there are fees.

How Can I Receive My SBI Bank E-Statement

How Can I Receive My SBI Bank E-Statement? 

By following these guidelines, users can utilize the SBI Mobile Application to get the State Bank of India (SBI) Statement. One can use the application to get a PDF version of the bank account


  • Install your SBI Smartphone Application or go to the SBI official site. 
  • Use your login information to log in. 
  • The next step after that, select “Statements” from the drop-down option that appears after that point, select “Statements” 
  • Decide the account you would like a bank statement for.
  • You should choose the statement period you wish to download. 
  • The SBI Statement is currently available for download in PDF format.
  • The download will be stored on your device once you click it. 
  • You currently own the bank statement, but it is secure. Users must input the SBI E-Statement.
How to Download the PDF of the Yono SBI Statement

How to Download the PDF of the Yono SBI Statement 

You may view your transactions and the specifics of each transaction by using the YONO SBI online banking app. Along with that, two icons can be seen on the right-hand side; one represents the phone’s memory, and the other represents emailing transactions.

The transactions will be sent to your registered email within a few minutes after you select the send to email option. 

After that, open the PDF that was emailed to you and check your email. Now, when you attempt to access the email, a password prompt will appear in the PDF. You can’t possibly be aware of the password.

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Activation code for the Yono SBI Statement PDF 

The password is contained within the email itself, so double-check it. You’ll see that the email specifies DDMM@XXXX as the YonoSBI pdf password format. This is only a tip as to what your password may be, not the actual password. 

The DD in this example represents your birthdate as it is on file with the bank, the MM represents your birth month, and the XXXX represents the final four digits of your mobile number as it is on file with the bank. For instance, if your cellphone number ends with 6731 and you were born on January 28. Then,2802@6731 is the password to access the statement PDF.

Let’s examine a couple of other instances as well. The password is 2008@6009 if you were born on Aug 20th and your cellphone number ends in6009. The password is 13129284 if you were born on Dec 13 and your registered mobile number ends in 9284.

You may view your transactions and print your statement once you input the password for the PDF if it is required.

Yono SBI Statement PDF 


If you visit the bank and request a bank statement, the bank will charge you a specific sum, such as INR 100 or 150. You may get your statement for free and without any fees using the bank’s mobile app or online banking services. 

You may simply learn the records of your transactions up to the previous year by following this straightforward procedure to access your PDF bank statement.

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