Giving a piece of jewelry is an excellent idea to show your affection, recognition and pride towards a loved one, friend or co-worker. We must choose the jewel according to the occasion and the person who will wear it, because it must reflect his personality. Sometimes it symbolizes an important event in his life. In this case, we choose a personalized jewel with an inscription (the event in question, the date, the name or the initials, etc.).

Offer a jewel for Christmas

Christmas is one of the biggest events of the year, apart from exceptional events such as weddings. Families and friends give each other the most beautiful gifts like valuable jewellery. But what kind of Christmas jewelry to offer to your loved ones? For a woman, you can offer earrings, a pendant, a ring, a watch or a bracelet. For a man, you can also offer a watch, a ring or a bracelet. You have the choice between jewelry:

In metals: gold, silver, copper, steel, brass, etc.

Synthetic stones


Fibers: cotton, polyester, wool


It all depends on the taste of the person to whom you are giving the jewel and your budget.

Offer a jewel for the celebrations of lovers

Whether for the engagement or the wedding, you have to choose a jewel worthy of the name for your other half. Engagement rings are usually set with a gemstone like diamond or sapphire, although some people opt for a solitaire.

Wedding rings, for their part, are simple rings in gold or platinum that the two spouses offer each other. Sometimes the bridegroom offers complete adornments to his beloved, with earrings, a bracelet and a butterfly choker necklace.

It is nonetheless for Valentine’s Day where the two lovers can afford jewelry, such as a butterfly choker necklace, a cufflink or a watch.

Offer a jewel for the great events of life

You can offer a jewel to a newborn, to choose according to the convictions of the family. It can be a religious jewel such as a religious medal, a secular medal or a classic jewel such as a pendant or a bracelet.

In some cultures, the parents-in-law or the father offer a jewel to the mother to symbolize their gratitude towards the one who gave birth. In this case, we give a ring or a pendant engraved with the date of birth, for example.

We also offer a religious jewel to the child on the day of baptism, first confession, communion, etc. People usually choose a pendant, a bracelet or a watch with the name of the child and the date of the event.

In most families, parents give a piece of jewelry to the majority of their child to symbolize their coming of age. It’s time to offer the family signet ring.

Finally, for the end of your children’s studies, you can offer them a jewel symbolizing their success and reward them for the efforts made all these years.

Offer a jewel for Mother’s and Father’s Day

To show your love for your parents, take advantage of Mother’s or Father’s Day to offer them a jewel with a little message in the form of engraving or patterns. A bracelet or cufflink for your father, a butterfly choker necklace, pendant, bracelet or ring for your mother.

Offer a jewel for the wedding anniversary

You have an opportunity every year to show your love to your dear and tender. It suffices, for that, to choose a jewel made or decorated with metals or stones which symbolize the name of the wedding. Example: pearl wedding for 30-year-olds, emerald wedding for 40-year-olds, gold wedding for 50-year-olds and diamond wedding for 60-year-olds.

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