As a fully secure digital bank in Europe, Nuri (formerly Bitwala) has become a popular choice among many modern investors to combine traditional fiat money with cryptocurrency assets.
Nuri was founded in 2015 and is a licensed and regulated bank available to residents of the European Economic Area (including Switzerland and the UK).
Nuri offers comprehensive services, including Bitcoin interest accounts, free Visa debit cards, and free real Bitwala (Nuri ) Bank Account with personal IBANs and zero maintenance fees.
In this review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about Nuri before you sign up, so read on. Read the summary of a mine below to get the key points if you are short on time.
Get a free €50 welcome bonus: Use Nuri regularly and get the reward for free. Fully regulated bank with fiduciary protection up to €100,000, Visa card and zero annual/monthly fees.

Nuri Review: One Minute Summary

At Nuri, you get a free bank account protected up to €100,000 in EUR deposits, a free Visa debit card to spend, and a cryptocurrency wallet for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally, Nuri offers up to 5% annual interest on your Bitcoin through its partnership with Celsius.

These are Nuri’s main conclusions:

Free, regulated and secure euro bank account with a personal IBAN
Account protection on fiat deposits up to €100,000 through the bank clearing system
“The Nuri Savings Plan” allows users to invest in Bitcoin and Ether automatically every month, taking advantage of the average cost effect
Free Visa debit card that is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted
Interest on Bitcoin up to 5%, paid weekly
I have been using Nuri for about 1 year now and have few complaints so far. If you want to get acquainted with Nuri in depth, read the full breakdown below and decide for yourself if Nuri is something for you or not.
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Nuri Summary

With over 250,000 users, Nuri offers a seamless banking experience with direct access to Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as a Bitcoin Interest Account that provides up to 5% annual interest. In addition, Nuri offers a free Euro bank account and a Visa debit card that can be used worldwide.
Nuri is backed by multiple tier one VCs around the world such as Early bird, Digital Currency Group, Alston Capital, Global Brain and HTGF making it a trusted platform for both crypto and fiat.

Pros and cons of Nuri

Nuri offers a limited selection of cryptocurrencies for now: Bitcoin and Ethereum, and offers a Bitcoin interest account that earns around 5% APY interest and an easy-to-use investment platform.
Other advantages include worldwide card accessibility, free monthly withdrawals, and high trust. Account opening is also quick and intuitive.

Nuri’s Bitcoin Interest Account

Nuri’s Bitcoin Interest Account is an alternative type of savings account that pays interest on your BTC deposits. It is a free account that can be opened by any Nuri customer. Interest is paid weekly. You can deposit or withdraw bitcoins whenever you want, there is no minimum investment period.
Nuri offers instant withdrawals of funds to your wallet, and they are settled almost instantly with no charge. The minimum investment to start with a Nuri interest account is €10. You can calculate how much interest you can earn with Nuri here:
As a fintech, Nuri partnered with Celsius Network to offer the Nuri Interest Account.

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