7 essential tips for finding a home health care agency in Philadelphia

Whether it is about caring for an adult who has sustained injuries in a hospital but no longer needs to stay in a hospital or an aging parent, providing the right type of assistance is critical. People like recovering and staying at home, and this is true for seniors, too, who want to live a life of independence and dignity. Thankfully, there are many home health care agencies in Philadelphia, and you can check the website of any top one to know more. Here are seven essential tips to find a reliable service for your loved one.

  1. Look for recommendations: If you know people who have hired personal care services in the past or have worked with home health aides, ask for references. Alternatively, you can also find listings online.
  2. Start with what you need: Do you want someone to help an older adult with daily chores? Or is it about hiring a professional who can take care of medications and diet, too? It is best to establish the kind of support that an individual needs and sort agencies based on these aspects.
  3. Find out about the services offered: Not all agencies in Philadelphia offer dementia care or support for child care at home. You need to compare options based on what they can provide, and one of the critical things to check is respite care.
  4. Review the reputation: Online ratings and testimonials from other clients can be precious for comparing home health support services. You should also check if there are negative reviews and whether these are of a similar nature.
  5. Ask about the hiring process: Before you hire a home care agency, check if they do background check of the professionals and whether they train aides before sending them to work. You don’t want to pay for someone who has little to no experience in the field.
  6. Look for flexibility: You should seek flexible support and assistance from the home health care agency. The agency should offer an individualized care plan rather than a fixed package. The price largely depends on what is included.
  7. Find out about the availability of caregivers: If someone requires constant support and companionship, you cannot risk hiring an agency that doesn’t have a long list of caregivers. If the existing home health aide needs a break, they should be able to make arrangements.

Lastly, ask for estimates for the service and plan, but avoid the cheapest agency.

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