You may not be aware of this, but there are many different types of barns available on the market today. They vary in shapes, sizes, can come in different colours and have different uses of course. Let’s take a peak here at what is out there, and what they are used for.

  • Traditional Barns –Also commonly referred to as ‘’American’’ or ‘’Gambrel’’ barns, these are those barns we have all seen in the movies, with the iconic red painted exterior with a peaked roof and they often come with a hayloft. Inside, the layout is usually with a central aisle, that enables you to access storage areas and livestock stalls. For a look at some great barns.
  • Storage Barns – The main use of storage barns is, well, to store things in them. Essential things such as hay, grains, agricultural equipment and other farm supplies are often stored here. Depending on what is being stored, and how big those items are, they can come in many sizes and configurations for those specific needs. Click here for more information.
  • Dairy Barns – These do as they say on the tin, and are specifically designed for all your dairy farming operations. They come fully equipped with stanchions or milking stalls, and milking parlours, and as they can get quite the stench in there, you can even have a specialised ventilation system to keep that nice, fresh air flowing through, so the air isn’t stagnant and giving you any issues there.
  • Horse Barns – Again, pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? These are specifically designed to meet the needs and accommodate those precious horses, with things such as stalls, tack rooms for storing all that equipment, grooming areas, and some of the fancier horse barns can even come fully decked out with an indoor riding arena.
  • Pole Barns – Pole barns are a great choice if you are just looking at storing equipment, for housing livestock or for keeping your hay nice and dry. Their simple design of being constructed using large poles or posts buried into the ground to support the roof are very popular if needing something that is relatively quick to erect and also cost-effective.
  • Livestock Barns – Whether it’s cattle, pigs, poultry or horses you have, livestock barns come fully equipped to provide these animals with everything they need to be happy and healthy. They may include things such as feeding troughs to eat from, watering systems, and can even have separate areas to provide animals the space they need at different stages of their growth.


Overall, there are many types of barns available to have constructed out there. This information hopefully gives you a little insight into the different resources they provide, and how they can be best utilised, from housing livestock to getting precious milk from your cattle. For more information on building regulations where you are, click here.

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