5 signs that you need your air conditioner repaired

We all have heard of the term “global warming.” Yes, we are presently at the stage where destruction in the ozone layer is at its peak. The heat in the atmosphere is unbearable, and to counter that heat, people are using air conditioners in large numbers. Of Course, like any other machines, there are some limitations with the air conditioners too.

Some unknown issues could be present with the air conditioners in which you need an urgent repair. There are some signs through which you can easily identify the condition of your air conditioner and resolve the issues beforehand. Let us move forward in the article to know that your ac needs a repair now.

Unusual Noises

The first thing you notice when you start your air conditioner is its sound. Generally, when you start your air conditioner, there comes a single sound of starting the air conditioner. Then the sound got minimized into basic machinery working.

But in some cases, there might be the presence of some unusual sounds like squealing, grinding, grating, and any other strange noise. These sounds are not normal as your air conditioner we’re not making such sounds in the past.

These sounds indicate serious issues with your air conditioner, and you must check it immediately. Generally, the cause of such sounds is some loose parts which could cause big problems in the HVAC unit. In addition, you must also be careful with the humming, buzzing, or clicking sounds.

In normal cases humming sound indicates an issue with your fan motor. However, if the humming sound is loud, it could be due to the malfunctioning compressor. Another reason for such sound is also loose wiring. This is a potential fire hazard that must not be taken lightly.

If you are hearing a clicking sound, it might be due to the failing thermostat. This component needs to be repaired and replaced immediately. Thus make sure you keep a check on the unnatural sounds coming from your air conditioner.

Lack Of Cool Air

Why do you buy an air conditioner? Your obvious answer would be to make your house or office cool. Right? But what if your air conditioner is not keeping itself cool enough to work properly? There is definitely some serious issue with the air conditioner that it cannot control. Check if your air conditioner is blowing warm air or, even after setting the lowest temperature, your air conditioner cannot keep the house cool.

In both cases, there might be a problem with the compressor or a low refrigerant level. If your unit is also running low, a leak might cause it. And because of this leak, your equipment cannot cool down the place effectively. Better to get checked on time.

Strange Odors

Generally, apart from the cool breeze, there is no odor present in your air conditioner. But it is a matter of concern if you are getting an intense burning or a foul smell from your air conditioning. There may be a reason that your unit’s wire insulation is burned out. If the odor is musty, it could be due to mold inside your unit.

If your air conditioner is giving any of these smells, it is the beer to get checked immediately because the scent is the first indication of bigfoot inside your air conditioner.

Humidity In The Room

Sometimes the air conditioner can no longer control the room’s humid climate. Generally, when you start the system, humidity in the room vanishes within a few minutes after starting your system. Still, if your air conditioner can no longer keep pace, you must get it checked with experts immediately.

If the condition is left unnoticed, then the mold form in your system could be a potential risk for yourself and your family. It is the beer to be safe and keep things in line.

Excess Moisture

A higher moisture level around your air conditioner or in the room is an alarming sign for your system. If there is any leakage from the air conditioner, then it must not be left unnoticed. If the liquid is refrigerant, then the condition could be more serious. Refrigerants are poisonous, which can cause serious damage to the system.

Another reason why the condition is more alarming is that if the air conditioner is running without the refrigerant, then it will lead to catastrophic damage to your system. Pooling water near your system also means blocked or cracked tubes which can lead to mold formation. Again this is an alarming condition and must be checked on time to prevent any major damage.

Final Verdict

We have listed the possible reasons you’re not having a pleasant experience with your AC. In this article, we have explained the detailed cause of the possible reasons and if you’re facing any of them, you can get it repaired or buy a new one. If you want to buy and not sure of which one to buy, you can check product reviews at overseasindian.

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