Why Should You Seek Professional Decommissioning Services?

Regardless of the background circumstances, the data center decommissioning process requires comprehensive planning and management. Projects often involve an outside decommissioning service or IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider to meet strict timelines and many other variables.

Being proactive in the decommissioning process can prevent any unplanned downtime and bring it to a satisfying conclusion much faster. This means that all logistical aspects need to be provided in advance, starting with comprehensive auditing of all assets on-site and the objectives that are to be achieved with each piece of hardware involved.  Many times, additional assets can be found that can provide extra money to your company’s bottom line.

Decommissioning is a Specialized Skillse

Decommissioning is a specialized process that many IT professionals simply don’t have a lot of experience with. Decommissions simply don’t come up very often for the typical IT person—perhaps once every two to three years.  The skills and knowledge required to effectively decommission a datacenter are not necessarily the same as those required to manage live IT resources.

Things go much smoother when you can rely on a team with direct experience and specialized knowledge. Their knowledge comes because they handle decommissions on a regular basis. In addition, if you are moving across the street or going out of business entirely, a good data decommissioning provider can make your move a whole lot easier.


Offloading a datacenter decommission onto an outside team can free up your own team to do what they do best. This means they can manage the live IT infrastructure and applications that run on them.  In other words, a third-party vendor, such as an ITAD, can give you optimum safety, security and return on your equipment.

Asking for assistance from an ITAD service provider comes with the following important advantages:

  • Data exposure risk is minimized or non-existent.
  • Any IT assets involved will be wiped clean of all data and properly sanitized.
  • A chain of custody for the decommissioning procedure and the assets involved will be established and carefully maintained.
  • Some drives are beyond help when it comes to the usefulness of wiping, so they will be set aside and designated for physical destruction at a proper location.

Providing full security for the decommissioning procedure to be undertaken is a security imperative for data centers for several reasons. First of all, data centers are at risk of suffering a security breach if the decommissioning process fails to take into account the security and safety of both data and hardware. This can be irreparably harmful to a data center’s business reputation. 

OceanTech is dedicated to protecting your data.  We have a secure chain of custody from the moment we take control of your equipment, through the transportation of equipment back to our facility.  Each piece of equipment removed by OceanTech is logged with its corresponding make, model and serial number during dismantling.  Each client receives detailed records of all removed equipment.  The equipment is secured with a tamper evident seal before being placed for departure in one of our GPS monitored vehicles, giving each client the assurance that every piece of equipment is securely protected. Once the equipment has arrived at our facility, we offer several levels of security from data sanitation to physical hard drive destruction.

Our processes ensure that all retired assets from your organization are wiped clean of any and all information, virtually eliminating the risk of a costly data breach.

  • Safe decommissioning opens the doors for remarketing of your IT assets that still hold value which can be seen as a hidden source of revenue. 
  • Finally, you want someone who works with you to validate your equipment and vets for you. Computer and server recycling is not just environmentally responsible, but it is also fiscally responsible.

In some cases, while the total piece of equipment as a whole may not have much value, the components of the hardware often do. And to get a maximum return on your equipment, you need to choose the right IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider. You don’t need someone who can handle just your big ticket items. You’ll want someone who will handle everything in the datacenter that you need decommissioned. This includes cables, power cords, uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) and peripherals like racks, rails and cabinets. Don’t get stuck with these odds and ends, especially if such equipment is old or proprietary, without any possibility of re-purposing it. Instead, recycle it. When you use OceanTech for your e-waste recycling, you can have peace of mind that your equipment will never end up in a landfill or incinerated.

OceanTech can make your data center decommissioning process a lot easier.  Our professional expert teams will show up with all the tools and equipment required to de-install, de-commission and disassemble even the largest data center.  As a leader in ITAD and data center decommissioning, it is vital that we meet or exceed all industry standards and data destruction regulations.  We do this by maintaining R2:201 Responsible Recycling, ISO 14001:2014 Environment Management Systems and IS 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates, while helping you maximize your infrastructure investment return.

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