How To Conduct Hashtag Research

If you want to increase the volume of your audience on the social media platform, it’s important to know how to conduct hashtag research. 

You can get these hashtags using different ways and use them in the captions to get entrance into the hot topics.

In this article, we are going to discuss the ways that will help you to search Hashtags and also tell you the types of hashtags you can use.

Before that, you need to know the term hashtag and why it is used. So, let’s have a look at it.

What is Hashtag?

On social media posts, you often see a hash (#) symbol which is also called a pound sign. The word hashtag is a combination of hash and tag. However, it is written without space.

This symbol is basically used for increasing the reach of the post and following up on trending topics on social media sites.

Let’s say you are using Instagram and want to search for a particular item, i.e. wristband, you can simply use the hashtag of the wristband and there will be all the posts related to the bands on your screen.

This is also a way of getting the latest information all over the world. You can simply add that title or hashtag and there will be all news open on your account.

How to Find the Right Hashtag?

New users may find it difficult to target the right hashtag. They may find a list of tags but figuring out the right one from the list can be a little difficult.

There are multiple ways that you can follow to tackle this issue. Here we are going to talk about these methods and how they can benefit you.

Follow the niche

The first and easiest way of getting the right code for your post is by following the niche of your content. You just have to look for the relevant hashtags and take out the best ones from there.

This can be made possible by following the account related to your content and then searching for the particular keyword on social media sites.

Go to the Google

Another way of checking the right keyword on the page is searching it on the search engine and looking for the trending topics.

Also, you can work with the top-used hashtags on digital platforms. These tags will always let you grab a new audience on the page.

Use online tool

There is a list of hashtag research tools that are introduced on the search engine and can help you find the perfect tag for your post.

You just have to enter the topic on the tool and it will give you the list of hashtags that are used worldwide for the particular topic.

Importance of Hashtags on Social Media Platforms

Using hashtags in the content is an effective way to get noticed by everyone on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

A post with more hashtags lets you get more viewers on the page. It will help you reach the people who are looking for you or the posts related to your content.

So, it is quite worthwhile to use hashtags in the content in order to grow the account and gain recognition on social media sites.

Types of Hashtags

Multiple types of hashtags can be used in social media posts and all of them have a different way to attract an audience.

Audience descriptive

Such tags are used to influence the audience by labeling some particular characters or their lifestyle, i.e. #fitness, #diet, #dailyroutine, and #menfashion.

Product descriptive

This tag is used to talk about a specific product or item that is offered by a company, i.e. #branding, #shoes, #sale, and #SEO, etc.

Event descriptive

For referring to a particular ceremony or happening, an event hashtag is used. Examples of this hashtag are #seminar, #cybermonday, and #evefestival.

Location hashtag

To show the place of interest and want to get it noticed by everyone, location hashtags can be used, i.e. #LA, #UK, #Paris, and #Sydney.

Bottom Lines

Using hashtags in the post caption can always be a good idea. It will help you get the perfect audience on the page and make your content more noticeable on the digital platform.

Also, you have to make sure that you use more hashtags related to your niche so that the visitors coming to your page fall in the same category as your item.

The points we discussed in the above section will be quite helpful for you in searching for the right hashtag for your post.

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