Family Law Law Offices

Family Law Offices are professional Law Firms experts in Family Law. Family Law Law Firms are those Law Firms which are and which are supposed to be having mastery over Family Law. Nowadays Family Law Law Firms, are part of Full-Service Law Firms. The license was supposed to be the same. But Lawyers were not offering the services for each and every kind of legal matter. The legal battle for the Family Lawyers was just for the Family Law where they were also specialists and experts in Family Law for Muslims and Non-Muslims. Even when this format used to exist, then the latest modification had not arrived. Therefore the services for all the people, but under Sharia Law. The old laws and formats can be checked with Family Lawyers. The new service trends have been fully changed. So it is clear now that the meaning of a Family Law is Full-Service Law Firm. The Full-Service Law Firm is the best in favour of everyone. A Full-Service Law Firm is a new terminology, in this regard. 

A Trade License or Business License is required to open a Law Firm. Economic Department in Dubai is the place where inquiries regarding business trade license are submitted. MOJ is for getting the Advocate’s license. Like this general law firm establishment category, the lawyer category is also almost the same. Lawyers in Dubai, Lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Lawyers in RAK, need a separate license (for advocates), but for all other Emirates, the lawyer just needs a general practice license from the Ministry of Justice.    

The services offered by a Family Law Office are as follows:

1)      Services for Marriage and Marriage Registration

2)      Services for Separation and Divorce 

3)      Services for KHULA  

4)      Service for Child Custody 

5)      Services for Alimony 

6)      Services for the distribution of joint properties – or the asset distribution

7)      Legal Documentation 

8)      Legal Consultation  

Find Specialist One: 

Family Law Offices of Family Law Firms are everywhere in Dubai and all other Emirates. What you have to do, to make the right selection. You can find many through Word of Mouth, you can find several through Online Sources, and you can find several through, Social Media, but it does not mean that Law Firm spending much on an advertisement will also be professional and working on qualitative terms. Let us tell you that this is a very important phase while selecting good lawyers and law firms. Especially when you are a company because you can’t change again and again. Therefore the right selection will save you from hiring the Law offices again and again. The few important points you can consider should be as follows:

1)      Check Profile of Chairman/CEO.

2)      Check the team of Lawyers and Legal Consultants, he is hiring for support.  

3)      Check the management and how they manage the operations. 

4)      Fancy Offices do not reflect the quality, although the big companies do operate in the main business areas with fancy offices. 

5)      Check how many cases, they have dealt with before. How many cases they have won before. How many cases they have lost before. 

6)      If you want to hire for Labour and Employment Case, then check the priority with Labour and Employment Lawyers. 

7)      If we are discussing Family Law then Family Lawyers will be the first priority. 

8)      Social Reputation of the Lawyers do matter. If the lawyer is very experienced, and very much talented, should not be hired if he is not honest. 

Non-Muslim Law: 

Now the new updated Law is very much relaxed for Non-Muslims. Now they can use the laws of their countries or the law where they got married. Now Non-Muslims will not be bound to get a Court Verdict under Sharia Law. The Sharia Law will be the preference if their Law or Laws will be silent on some points. If the husband will be Muslim then Sharia Law will also be preferred and selected.   

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