Everything You Need To Know About Edibles

You may have heard about something called edibles. In this case, we are talking about marijuana-infused food and beverages that people use as a delivery system in place of smoking marijuana. Many states have adopted varying levels of acceptance of marijuana for medical cannabis to full-out legalization for any purpose, even recreational.

There are many people who consider edibles safer than inhaling smoke into your lungs by smoking a traditional marijuana cigarette. When thinking about safety, dosing is a major consideration. If you have thought about, “How long do edibles stay in your system”, you are not alone. Below is some information to know if you are considering using this increasingly popular form of marijuana.

Popular Forms

Edibles are easy to use because they come in so many forms. They are baked into brownies or other baked goods, turned into gummy candy, and other treats enjoyed by snackers, making them a risk for overconsumption. You can be really high before you even know what happens by ingesting too much before you feel the effects. Edibles are easy to carry and easy to use without being detected.


When you are buying your edibles in a marijuana dispensary they will be sold to you with instructions on usage along with the amount of milligrams of THC the product contains. Of course, if you are making your own edibles at home this will be a little harder to judge for most people as potency often depends on the strain and method of extraction.

According to a popular online dispensary, 1-2.5 mg TCH is ideal for those new to edibles or that have a low tolerance. From there the amount goes up in increments of 2.5-15 mg for occasional users all the way up to 30 mg for regular users. If you were asking how long do edibles stay in your system keep reading below.

The Timeline

Here is where it gets complicated. When using marijuana it depends on how you consume the drug. We already know the dosage from dispensaries, but the home versions are often a wildcard for milligrams. Something else to consider is when smoking marijuana you are inhaling the drug directly into your lungs which then is quickly distributed into your bloodstream versus consuming edibles where the effect takes longer to set in.

With edibles, it takes longer for the effects to be noticed because when you ingest them you have to account for the time it takes to get into your system via digestion. Also, the effect will last much longer due to the fact that you now have to eliminate the drug through your intestinal system.

Things To Consider

There are other considerations on how long do edibles stay in your system. Currently, there are four drug tests to ferret out edible use including blood, hair, urine, and saliva. THC binds to fat meaning the more fat your body stores, the longer it will take to clear your system. Also, digestion and transit time are variable on how long you will feel the effects of the drug and for how long it is detectable in a drug test.

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