Discover the wonders of the Arabian Desert with DesertRaja.

Evening desert safari is one of Dubai’s most luxurious offerings. In recent years, desert safaris have become increasingly popular among tourists visiting Dubai. This is because they want to get a closer look at the desert landscape and participate in outdoor adventures. 

In this article, we will discuss DesertRaja, a company that offers evening desert safaris in Dubai. DesertRaja has a reputation for being one of the best safaris in the city, with unique and exciting experiences. Find out what makes DesertRaja different and why their evening desert safaris are a must-try for any Dubai visitor.

About DesertRaja

The DesertRaja company offers a variety of unique and exciting evening desert safari experiences in Dubai that are both unique and exciting. It was founded by a group of adventure seekers who wanted to share their love of the Desert with the world, so they decided to establish the company. 

In its short history, DesertRaja has been dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible safari experience. As a result, it has rapidly gained a reputation as one of the top safari providers in the city.

In DesertRaja’s team, you will find knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate guides who have a deep passion for the Desert and are eager to share their knowledge with you. by offering excellent customer service and attention to detail. 

The company ensures every customer has a memorable and enjoyable safari experience by providing exceptional customer service.

Its commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism is one of the distinguishing features of DesertRaja. The company uses eco-friendly vehicles and practices environmentally conscious practices to minimize its impact on the desert environment. 

DesertRaja also supports conservation initiatives to preserve the region’s unique flora and fauna.

Type of desert safari offered by DesertRaja 

DesertRaja offers a range of evening Desert safaris to cater to different tastes. Here are a few:

Classic Desert Safari: DesertRaja’s most popular package includes dune bashing, camel riding, henna painting, and a traditional Bedouin dinner. You can also watch belly dancing, fire shows, and tanoura dancing.

Dune Buggy Safari: DesertRaja also offers dune buggy safaris for those who want to take their adventure to the next level. Afterward, you’ll enjoy dinner and entertainment at a desert camp after a thrilling ride over the dunes.

Luxury Desert Safari: A private 4×4 vehicle and a personal driver make this package a little more special. Also on offer are dune bashing, camel rides, falcon shows, and gourmet dinners under the stars

Evening Desert Safari Experience with DesertRaja 

DesertRaja takes customers on a journey into the heart of the Arabian Desert during an evening desert safari. The evening desert safari includes


  • Dubai hotel pickup or prearranged location
  • Experience the Desert in a 4×4 vehicle or a luxury SUV
  • An exciting dune-bashing experience
  • Desert camel ride
  • Quad biking or sandboarding is available (depending on the package).
  • A desert camp dinner featuring traditional Bedouin dishes
  • Belly dancing, fire shows, and tanoura dancing are examples of entertainment
  • A falconry show to see the traditional sport
  • Hotel drop-off or prearranged location


Depending on the chosen package, DesertRaja offers a range of vehicles. Customers are expected to be transported on the Classic Desert Safari in a 4×4 vehicle. However, customers on the Luxury Desert Safari will be transported in a luxury SUV with a personal driver. The Dune Buggy Safari will provide customers with a dune buggy, which they can drive themselves over the dunes.

Benefits of vehicles

4×4 vehicles that DesertRaja uses are specially designed for off-road driving and can handle dunes. Using luxury SUVs on the Luxury Desert Safari offers a more personal and exclusive experience, with a private driver tailoring the itinerary to the customer’s preferences. It’s an exciting way to experience the Desert with the dune buggies used in Dune Buggy Safari.

Special Features

Compared with other safari companies, DesertRaja’s evening desert safaris offer many special features. You can ride camels, go sandboarding or quad biking (depending on your package), or watch belly dancing, fire shows, or tanoura dancing. As part of the safari experience, customers can witness the traditional sport of falconry up close.


An evening desert safari with DesertRaja is a must-do if you’re in Dubai. DesertRaja has a package for you, no matter what adventure you’re looking for or what kind of culture you want. 

DesertRaja stands out as one of the best safari providers in Dubai thanks to its knowledgeable guides, eco-friendly vehicles, and commitment to providing an authentic and sustainable desert experience.

The Arabian Desert is a wonderland. Don’t miss it. Embark on a desert safari with DesertRaja today and experience an adventure like no other.

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