Why is the Korean Age One or More Couples of Years More Than Actual Age?

Koreans have employed a different method of counting age than the rest of the world for hundreds of years. It’s also known as lunar age, nominal age, or East Asian age reckoning, but in Korea, it’s simply referred to as Korean age. On New Year’s Day, not on a person’s birthday, a person’s Korean age increases by one year. The calculating technique is the most significant difference between one’s Korean age and one’s conventional biological age, and there are two explanations for this. But before we move ahead, let us make sure that you can calculate age from date of birth with the help of a free online age calculator nowadays.

First, the 9 months of your mother’s pregnancy are considered the first year of your existence in Korea. As a result, a baby’s Korean age at birth is one. Biological age, on the other hand, begins at zero at birth and can be calculated by the use of free online birthday calculator age. Second, your Korean age is determined using calendar years rather than the actual number of years since your birth. Koreans add one year to their age as soon as the New Year begins, regardless of whether their birthdays have already passed in the current year or not. The biological age is calculated using the actual day of birth, with one year added after that. In case you find it difficult to determine manually, let the age calculator do this stuff for you.

So, why do Koreans reveal their age at the outset of a conversation? Because many parts of the Korean language and social conventions are influenced by age. In Korea, your age influences how you communicate with and treat the other party. If you’re not careful, you might insult people unintentionally! That is why you should make use of the age in months calculator to know how old or younger one is from you to whom you are conversating.

In this article you will come to know about Korean age strategies briefly.

Let’s start!

Korean Age System:

In Korea, your actual age is increased by one or two years. This is done because Koreans believe that the baby’s age is determined by the length of his or her pregnancy (that is up to 9 months). In Korea, a newborn is already a year old when he is born. Aside from this, many people in Korea still count their true age rather than their Korean age. Try utilising our best Korean age calculator if you’re also curious about your Korean age.

Birthday In Korea:

Every person should celebrate their birthday on the first day of the year, according to Korean customs (1st January). Every New Year, a person’s age will be increased by one year, regardless of the month in which he was born. As a result, Koreans cheerfully celebrate their birthdays by exchanging gifts and flowers with one another. If you are interested in determining your Korean age, use a free age calculator by calculator-online.net. Moreover, you can also instantly calculate age from date of birth with the assistance of this free online calculator. 

Why Is Korean Age Taken Into Consideration?

Age is a significant factor in Korean culture. When Koreans meet, their first question would be about each other’s ages. Because in this way, they show proper gratitude. However, this practice is restricted to cultural bounds. International age is used instead of Korean age when doing official labour.

How Does the Korean Age Work?

Consider the following scenario:

Assume a baby is born on December 31st. In American terms, he will be 0 years old, but in Korean terms, he will be 1 year old. The 1st of January, 2022, will be the very next day. As a result, the baby will be regarded as two years old. If you learn about Korean culture then you will get answers about a baby’s exact age. However, if you really research Korean culture’s past, you will undoubtedly learn more about this.

How Old Is Jungkook In Korean Age?

Jeon Jung-kook is a well-known singer who is a member of BTS. We’ll now compare his International age to his Korean age. On September 1, 1997, Jeon Jung-kook was born.

International age system: He will be 24 years old on September 1, 2021. His international age will be 24 on January 1, 2022.

Korean age system: He will be either 25 or 26 years old.

Drinking Age In Korea:

In Korea, the average drinking age is around 20 years. It signifies the person has reached the age of 19 and is legally allowed to consume all of South Korea’s forbidden alcohol. If you are addicted to alcohol or you want to go to Korea for vacations, try to use a Korean age calculator to see your eligibility whether you are allowed to drink in Korea or not.

Korean Age Example:

What about having a comparison between the international age and the Korean age. Suppose a baby is born on 31 Dec, 1997. 

International Age:

On January 01, 2021, the age of the baby is about 23 years old

On December 31, 2021, the baby’s age is 24 years old

On january 01, 2022, the age of the baby is again 24 years old and does not change

Korean Age:

On January 01, 2021, the baby’s age is 25 year old

On December 31, 2021, the age of the baby gets about 26 years old

On the 1st of January, 2022, the age of the baby gets 27 years old

You can also use the free online age calculator to make a suitable comparison among the International age and Korean age.

Hurrah! We Are of Same Ages:

As we know, social interaction in Korea is totally dependent on age. But if two people are of the same ages, it gets very comfortable for both of them to communicate with each other. This is because they do not have to follow social obligations in such a case. If you are going to Korea to visit along with your friend, check your ages via an age in months calculator to know whether you both are of the same ages or different so that you may come to know about the social attractions. 

How Does the Korean Calculator Work?

Do you want to know how old you are in Korea? By utilising this free online Korea Age calculator, you can learn how to do so.

  • At the top, select “Your Year of Birth” or “Your Current Age” from the first drop-down menu.
  • If “Your Year of Birth” was selected:
  • Fill in the year and date of your birth.
  • If you chose “Your Current Age,” the following is what you’ll get:
  • Determine whether or not your birthday has gone.
  • Don’t forget to include your current age.
  • Finally, press the calculate button.

Your Korean age is displayed on the screen via the free Korean calculator.


In comparison to Europe and the United States, Korean age is extremely important in Korean society. In many places around the world, people inquire about one other’s health, whereas Koreans inquire about each other’s age. They greet one other in this manner. As a result, anytime you plan to visit Korea, you should be aware of “what is my Korean age.” Using our best online Korean age calculator is the quickest and most accurate way to find out and calculate age from date of birth of yours. 

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