Top 10 Angular Js Developers Companies

It is essential to develop applications and websites with excellent functionality and smooth characteristics, and a pretty sophisticated level of interactiveness in the Virtual World. It is a vital element evident in every high-traffic receiving website globally. Angular Js is your go-to application to develop a single page dynamic application. Angular Js developers are always looking out for new ways and opportunities to make your website/web store as interactive as it can be in a short time frame. Suppose you are a businessman looking to take your business online or a magazine owner who wants to give out a virtual experience of their magazine as well, or even an entrepreneur. In that case, Angular Js Developer Companies are always at your service to provide you with the best Angular Js developers.

Many projects employ Angular Js services and Hire Angular Js Developers 

 like Netflix, Google, Forbes,, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. As you can see, these projects are some of the biggest undertaken in the last two decades.

To develop applications with a high level of interactiveness, it is essential to know this web development tool. Just knowing Angular Js won’t cut it, though. You need to master this web development tool to be alive in this cutthroat competition, both as a business employing Angular Js Developer Company Services and as an Angular Js Developer or Angular Js Developers Company. If you want your online business to have that  sophisticated professional look – you need to Hire Angular Js Developers who have mastery over this incredible frontend development tool.

Hire Angular Js Developers

You can employ React Js Angular developers as well. They are frontend angular developers who use their skills in CSS, HTML, JavaScript etc., to create modern-day UI-based web components that make your application/website stand out.

These are the sole reasons why businesses employ Angular Js to look professional.

Searching for a good Angular Js developer company isn’t difficult, but picking the best one which fulfils your business needs and is in your best interests can be tricky. Hence, we have listed down some of the biggest names in the Angular Js developers company circuit to help you choose from the best of the best:

  • Techuz:

Founded: 2013

Hourly Rate: < $25


Techuz is the leading Angular Js Development company in the world. Techuz’s experienced Angular Js developers deliver the projects undertaken by the company with utmost excellence, expertise and enthusiasm. They have created hundreds of dynamic mobile and web applications for their clients worldwide. Techuz gives it all to make sure that only the best is delivered to its clients, and on top of that, the service rates are minimal.

  • Clarion Technologies: Founded: 2000

Hourly Rate: $25-$49/hr Website:

Want to hire Angular Js developers and React Js developers based in India?

Then, Clarion Technologies is the right Angular Js developer company for  you. Clarion Technology is one of the oldest players in this market. They have been in this business since the start of this Millennium. This IT company provides the most cost-effective and reliable UI-front end solutions using Angular Js.

Clarion has provided its services in creating complex and sophisticated applications and websites in gaming, IT, education and healthcare. Clarion has a team of professional software developers well-versed in Angular Js and React Js driven and dedicated to providing the best possible solution for their undertaken project. Clarion Technologies is the best option for businesses based in the Indian subcontinent. Updated with the latest changes in technologies is one of the greatest assets of this company.

  • Angular Minds: Founded: 2011

Hourly Rate: $25-$49/hr


When it comes to front-end web development, Angular Minds stands out in the crowd because of its experience and talent when it comes to front-end web development. This leading Angular Js Developer Company has made millions, if not in billions but millions, through their innovative web applications. With many experienced Angular Js developers in their arsenal, the software company optimises the app development process. Angular Minds’ developers are dedicated to providing great web, app and cloud development solutions to their clients worldwide, factoring in next-gen technology as they go.

  • IndiaNic: Founded: 1998

Hourly Rate: < $25/hr


If your enterprise needs an advanced frontend solution to its mobile or web application – IndiaNic is the IT company you should be hiring. Hiring Angular Js developers from IndiaNic would mean you are getting a highly diverse set of solutions for your front end needs. This is because the highly experienced Angular Js developers of IndiaNic employ a variety of elements of the Angular Js application for your brand. The Angular Js developers from IndiaNic – with the help of application-based development services – help enterprises obtain the much-required control and scalability for their brands.

IndiaNic provides an all-around web and mobile application solution to its clientele. It delivers every project with a sense of diligence and utmost professionalism.

  • Fugenx: Founded: 2008

Hourly Rate: $25 – $50/hr


Diversified application development solutions have made Fugenx one of the most reliable gaming and mobile app development outsourcing partners. Its Angular Js developers show excellent expertise in building Android, iOS and web application development.

Fugenx ensures complete prioritisation and support during an ongoing project from its inception as an idea to the strategising, promoting and evaluating. Fugenx, with its team of expert designers, developers, and testers, perfectly matches its client’s expectations.

  • AlgoWorks: Founded: 2006

Hourly Rate: $25 – $50/hr


Need expertise in Application Development changes? AlgoWorks is there for you! AlgoWorks believes in striving to use every one of the features that Angular Js offers and make great use of it to create mobile and web applications user friendly, agile and dynamic to the core. AlgoWorks Angular Js developers are well-versed in the latest frameworks and web technologies, making AlgoWorks one of the most sought after Angular Js developer companies.

AlgoWorks business model is very transparent, allowing it to deliver projects to its clients without any delay in the given time framework without a hike in the quoted amount. In other words, AlgoWorks is the best out there if you want ethics and a high level of professionalism to reflect in your enterprises’ mobile/web applications. A definite fan-favourite.

  • Codiant:

Founded: 2010

Hourly Rate: $25 – $50/hr Website:

If you are looking for customised solutions for your web or mobile application developments, Codiant is the one for you. Codiant offers a variety of premium

solutions to a wide range of businesses all around the globe. The company is a congregation of the most talented web designers, Angular Js developers, React Js developers, software engineers under one roof who give it their all for customer satisfaction. Codiant’s reputation of perfection and creativity precedes itself everywhere.

They provide UX-UI development, Blockchain Solutions and Internet of Things among their many services primarily based on Angular Js.

Codiant’s clientele include CEAT, Accenture and TATA.

  • Gigzoe:

Founded: 2019

Hourly Rate: <$35/hr


With years of experience that it’s managers have gained, Gigzoe is notably   one of   the best Angular Js developer companies in India. They provide solutions in a very   methodical manner, making sure it’s client find the right GUI experience they deserve.

The Angular Js developers at Gigzoe understand your problems, come up with a viable solution for your needs and only take up any project. You can pay as per the progress you see in your website if you employ Gigzoe’s services.

  • WeblineIndia:

Founded: 1999 Hourly Rate: < $25/hr


The developers here with their extensive skillset and experience easily understand customer requirements and strive to achieve perfection in their Angular Js projects. The company is committed towards providing web development solutions to cater to their client’s business needs. With an adept

team that understands and researches at a stretch to stay updated with the latest trends and updates in the technology world – WeblineIndia is marching forward with a great force to be the number one Angular Js developer company. With 22 years of experience in the Technological field, this company continues to provide next-gen solutions to cater to their client’s business needs.

  • Mind Inventory

Founded: 2011 Hourly Rate: < $25/hr


Mind Inventory

When it comes to mobile and web application development, Mind Inventory provides almost every service known to people in this area. Its Angular Js solutions range from video streaming apps to social media networking apps. Mind Inventory expertise lies in almost every sphere like stated earlier such as Web Development and Design, e-Commerce, etc. Angular Js developers of this company will fulfill your every business need – whether its adding a new widget to your dashboard on your app or if its building you an interactive website from scratch.

The Top 10 Angular Js Developers Companies mentioned above provide a variety of service to a wide range of clientele. They are trustworthy and the best in their field. Hope this article helped you hire the best one for your needs.

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