The best Co Working spaces in Thailand

You should be aware that digital nomads can be found all throughout thailand if you decide to relocate there. No matter where you go in thailand, whether you prefer the big cities or the islands, you will probably discover the ideal coworking space.

In this article, we highlight four of thailand’s top coworking locations. We will discuss their distinctive qualities and special qualities as well as why we believe they are the finest.

Let’s talk about thailand as a destination for digital nomads before we get started.

When it comes to living as a digital nomad, thailand is a wise choice. Thailand undoubtedly has a lot to offer, including mouthwatering curries, street food markets, bars, beaches, and a jungle-like atmosphere. If you’ve been torn between balI and thailand, read this article to learn more about both places.

Thailand has everything:

A great community for digital nomads, pleasant weather, low cost of living, and reliable internet access are all required.

The bangkok hive

The hive, a chic co-working place in thailand’s thonglor neighborhood, is one of the continent’s most vibrant and innovative coworking groups. If you enjoy rooftop lounges and spas, the five levels here will give you plenty of room.

Hot desks, dependable wifi, a printer, a skype room, 24-hour member access, and complimentary beer and coffee for members are all included in the space! Is there anything greater than that?

With everything you need, this Co Working Space is perfect for meeting other creative people and exchanging ideas. Although there are numerous sofas to select from if you prefer to work alone without interruptions, so don’t worry!

A day pass is 350, or you may join for 3600 each month if you want to! You can join a group of like-minded individuals and rent the most hipster office space by going to this coworking space in thailand.

Although the hive has sites all around bangkok, the expat district is thonglor.


  • Ultra-modern style
  • Terrace and cafe on the roof
  • After a long (or even short) day at work, you can unwind with foot and shoulder massages.
  • In koh lanta, kohub

The kohub in tropical koh lanta should be taken into consideration if you’re looking for the greatest coworking space in thailand. It’s among the top places to work where there is a strong feeling of community! This location is fantastic if you prefer the relaxed island lifestyle over the hectic city atmosphere!

An outdoor terrace with hammocks, high-speed internet, and shared lunches are just a few advantages of this location. You can prepare food in the small kitchen or get delectable food from the restaurant if you need to refuel your body.

The 150-meter walking path through the tropical garden can help you unwind and refocus if your mind needs a rest.

In addition to being a haven for productivity, kohub is a meeting place for other freelancers and digital nomads. This coworking space understands the value of community, so in addition to hosting numerous different activities and courses, they also make use of an app that links you up with other kohubers so you can organize parties or get-togethers.

On-site co-living accommodations are also available if you’re a workaholic and prefer to be active all the time. The price ranges from $400 a day to $2,000 per week to $6,000 for a monthly membership. There are various price bundles available on kohub.

Highlights: a juice bar and a tropical garden restaurant in the community

Pssst. At the start of 2020, I spent two months working from kohub and I absolutely loved it. Although it could be quieter if you visit koh lanta outside of the high season, there are many members there during high season.

  • Koh phangan’s beachhub

The first beachside Co-working Space in the world, beachhub has a private white sand beach as well. The proprietor added an exotic and laid-back ambiance to the coworking space concept, giving it a distinctive spin.

This location offers fiber-optic wifi, beachside decks, brainstorming hammocks, a bamboo skype hut, an outdoor shower, and the choice of ergonomic chairs or beanbags for seating.

The cost is 500 for a single day, but you may also choose a weekly membership for 2000 or a monthly membership for 6500.

While taking a break from work, you can reenergize your body and mind by taking a plunge in the water or eating some organic food from the cafe. Additionally, beachhub provides a variety of events/workshops and on-site co-living accommodations.


  • Coworking space beside the beach
  • A relaxed environment
  • Natural foods
  • Chiang mai’s punspace

Many people consider chiang maI to be one of the major destinations for digital nomads with coworking spaces when you mention coworking spaces in thailand. And you are not mistaken.

One of the most well-known is punspace, which draws a wide range of digital nomads to its three sites.

One of the locations has a warehouse-like feel and a bright open space called the phae gate. There are plenty cosy couches and chairs available for you to sit in and work from, but if you need some fresh air, you can also check out outdoor space.

Hot seats, skype rooms, meeting spaces, and most crucially, dependable wifI are all amenities.

All three punscpace facilities in chiang maI are accessible with a membership, and members enjoy a number of benefits like subsidized meeting spaces, round-the-clock access, and lower rates.

Day rates start at 289, weekly memberships are 1699, and monthly rates begin at 3899.



  • Membership privileges in three places
  • Fantastic for growing the network
  • Inexpensive meeting spaces

Oh, and I adore punspace! At the end of 2019, I was a member for a few months, and I adored all of their sites. If you intend to stay in chiang maI for a while, it’s a terrific coworking environment overall, albeit some areas are quieter than others. They also provide opportunities for coliving.

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