The Best Bars & Clubs in Tokyo to Enjoy the Local Scene

Even if you’re not much of a party animal, you must experience the legendary Tokyo nighttime scene. It’s hardly surprising that the city is just as compelling at night as it is during the day because Japan’s capital is recognized for its vivid imagination.

Travelers can explore the numerous nightlife areas of Tokyo to learn about the different nocturnal pursuits on offer. 

Discover the Golden Gai’s tucked-away alleys and seedy bars in the Kabukicho neighborhood of Shinjuku, or dance the night away in Shibuya and Roppongi. 

The most upscale bars and clubs in Tokyo are located in Ginza.

You have a ton of options no matter where you go. Here are the places in Tokyo where you can get the best of the city at night, from cozy dive bars buried away in shadowy alleys to fancy nightclubs for all-night partying.

The best Nightclubs in Tokyo for a night out

  1. Warp Shinjuku

Warp Shinjuku, a relatively new addition to Tokyo’s nightlife scene, has little trouble attracting the attention of the city’s most ardent partygoers. 

The four-level nightclub, which is situated in the center of the renowned Kabukicho red-light district, offers everything for every type of night owl. If you want to be in the center of the celebration, go to the Universe Floor. 

If you prefer a more laid-back atmosphere, pick a seat at Bar Mateo. The crowds are kept dancing all night long to music ranging from techno to hip-hop by local and international DJs.

  2. Womb

At Womb, you can always count on good times and a lively audience. It was created by the same team who created Twilo in New York, and it has long been acknowledged as one of the best clubs in Tokyo. 

Womb is one of the best places in the city to listen to electronic music because it combines top-tier talent with a superior sound system and top-notch production.

Partygoers will also enjoy exploring the nightclub’s three levels of hypnotic dance floors, expansive bars, and VIP rooms. Even the movie Babel included a scene from this bustling pub!

  3. Vent 

This one is for you, audiophiles. A favorite among music-savvy club kids, Vent boasts an amazing sound system and a roster of renowned international and local DJs blasting techno sounds.

To enter this well-known Clubs in Tokyo, you had to sneak into a basement of an 

Omotesando building. 

But in our opinion, Vent’s hidden position simply adds to the allure of the fashionable club. There is a bar lounge inside that is distinct from the main performance area.

  4. Tokyo V2

One of the top clubs in Tokyo for visitors touring the Roppongi district is V2 Tokyo, formerly known as the Vanity Club. 

This hotspot’s entertainment area can accommodate up to 1,000 revelers, and hit songs spun by international DJs ensure that the celebration never ends. 

Additionally, V2 Tokyo has a stylish exterior and panoramic vistas of the sparkling Tokyo skyline.

Spend some time being lost in the sounds, lights, and sights. And pizza is available if you need a break. Yes, V2 has considered every detail for a fantastic night out!

  5. Body & Soul Club

Visit Shibuya’s Body & Soul Club for a club with a more laid-back vibe. One of earliest jazz Nightclubs in Japan, it’s a funky live music spot where music fans may take in jazz concerts while sipping on their preferred beverages. 

Although Body & Soul is a touch more upscale than your average nightclub, the excitement isn’t diminished. You can sample Tokyo nightlife in this more “grown-up” setting.

  6. Bar Gen Yamamoto 

It is hardly surprising that Japan treats its beverages with the same respect as its cuisine. 

The top bars in Tokyo, including the self-titled Gen Yamamoto, are examples of this dedication. 

The atmosphere is as intimate as it gets at this minimalist bar, which has one table, eight seats, and tastefully chosen drinks.

Visitors to Bar Gen Yamamoto will be treated to four-, six-, or seven-course tasting menus as a creative cocktail take on omakase rather just chugging alcohol! 

Each one is skillfully crafted and is influenced by the shifting Japanese seasons.

  7. The Grey Room

The Grey Room is a wonderfully decorated bar lounge where you may embrace the glitz of cocktails under the direction of prominent female bartender Yukiyo Kurihara. 

If you want to treat yourself, go to this opulent cocktail lounge for afternoon tea or late-night beverages.

The Grey Room’s beverage menu focuses on traditional Japanese beverages that have Indian flavors added. 

Drink the popular Mumbai Tonic or a Darjeeling rum-based Kurofune. Due to Spice Lab Tokyo on the top floor, the bar food is just as delicious as the drinks.

  8. Grandfather’s

A listening bar with a 40-year history in Shibuya, puts Grandfather’s Music front and center. This low-key retreat feels ageless despite its age. 

Richly colored timbers, vinyl records, and dim lighting provide a calming environment that is appealing to both children and more seasoned visitors.

Take a seat at the long bar with a glass of whisky in your hand and some calm music playing on the record player from decades past. 

After only one song, you’ll realize that this retro tavern is every bit as seductive as other Tokyo bars.

  9. The Ahiru Shop

Ahiru Store, a cozy small wine bar also in Shibuya, is so well-known that there is regularly a queue of hungry (and thirsty) customers twisting outside the door. They are not to fault. 

After all, this is where consumers in Tokyo can get lesser-known natural wine brands, particularly French bottles. 

With freshly made bread and charcuterie choices, the food is simple but wonderful.

   10. Zetrope

The one bar in Tokyo that whisky enthusiasts absolutely must visit is Zoetrope. Atsushi Horigami, the owner, has a 300-bottle whisky collection that is genuinely unmatched, particularly when it comes to bottles from Japanese distilleries. 

In this isolated tavern, a wide variety of locally manufactured spirits are available, from obscure whiskies to household names like Suntory.

Zoetrope, a place that pays homage to the American movies that Horigami loves so much, will also win over movie lovers. 

On occasion, when you enter the dimly lit pub, a silent movie will be playing in the background.

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