Power saw buying guide

Power saw
Power saw buying guide

Working with materials from wood, brick and even concrete is easy – as long as you have the right strength to see the work in place. At homebase, we store a handful of Power saw on top of each other – make sure you get the right one for your needs with this expert shopping guide.

Choosing a saw

With real sawmill, you will never have to worry about cutting a straight line or cutting through solid objects. As long as you know the basics on how to pick up a real Power saw and how to use it properly, there is no cutting job that you can take with confidence.

What kind of power supply do i need?

Circular saw

A circular Power saw is a heavy-duty job ideal for fast, accurate, and straight cutting of any type of wood. They are very good at cutting leaf material.

With circular saws, you can choose from a variety of flexible blades that can hold anything, so you can cut everything from nailed nails and bricks to solid concrete blocks.

Circular saws come in different sizes, and the cutting edge corresponds directly to the width of the blade. All circular saws have a cutting depth, depending on the angle being cut.


Jigsaw (sometimes known as bayonet saw or saber saw) is a versatile device perfect for a variety of different diy activities, including cutting shapes in wood and other paper. The jigsaw features a rotating saw (one that goes back and forth), providing a cutting edge similar to a electric hand saw.

With a jigsaw, you can cut corners up to 45 degrees, making them useful for cutting miter joints. Jigsaws are available in different sizes, and different blades are available for a large number of different materials and cutting functions.

At homebase, we store a lot of jigsaws to cover all the requirements, so whether you are a newbie or diy professional, you are sure to find something that fits your needs perfectly.

Returning chains

The repeated Power saw has an unusual cutting action, which is indicated by pushing and pulling the ‘restore’ movement. Suitable for heavy-duty cutting work, this powerful tool is often used in the construction and demolition of trade and is sometimes called recipro saw or saber saw.

The large blade is similar to a jigsaw with a pointed handle to allow the saw to be used properly in standing positions.

Miter saw

A miter Power saw is used to make special switches, also known as meters. Mounted on trucks or slides in a metal canal that works with a miter box, the miter saw enables cutting the smooth angles used in precision carving activities such as painting.

The table saw

Table Power saw is a large, bench-size saw suitable for large tasks, such as those involving large sheets.

Sometimes called a Power saw blade, a blade is a large circular saw driven by an electric motor either directly with a belt or gears. The blade sticks out from the top of the table, which supports the products while cutting.

With the viewing table, you can vary the depth of cutting by moving the blade up and down, and control the cutting corner by adjusting the blade.

What else should you look for in an electric saw?

Once you have chosen the electric Power saw style, there are a few other things to consider.

Power rating

Vehicle power and how many rpm (revolutions per minute) blade rotates the critical rotation. Generally, the higher the water, the more rpm you get, and the more rpm you get, the more power and control you will get from your Power saw.

Depth adjuster

If you want to cut through tools of different thicknesses, such as earthy, then it is a good idea to go for a saw with a deep design, which enables you to make the cutting more precisely.

Parallel guide

This helps to improve the order of your straight cut, by providing direction at a certain point from the edge of the objects you are cutting. This feature comes in handy on most circular saws.


Hand saws need to be well controlled, and going to a saw with all the front and back handles allows you to grip better for a better and safer cut.


No matter what type of saw you choose, you must have the right blades for the work available, and you will need different blades of different materials, such as hardwood, metal and masonry.

Saw blades come with different teeth designs, cutting together or cross stalks. The larger the tooth blade, the greater the cut. Tungsten carbide-tipped (tct) blades are longer lasting and cut faster than conventional steel.

Safety features

Chains can be very dangerous, so make sure you wear appropriate safety equipment when using them, and look for saws with additional safety features. Most saws have some sort of safety switch or lock button to stop the accident, and a simple first switch sets the blade moving at a slower speed to make the first cut easier to make.

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