Magnet Honeypot Ads: Examples

Magnet Honeypot
Magnet Honeypot Ads: Examples

When you  play casino online games, it is likely that you got there because of some ads. If so, we can say that the ads were effective. How come these ads are more effective than others? It is because of what we call “magnet honeypot” ads, which we will describe and show you today. 

What is a Magnet Honeypot Ad?

A magnet honeypot ad is an effective ad that captures the target market’s attention. It is like honey to bees—a magnet that draws people in. Because of this, the ads get to the right eyeballs, and they also generate higher conversion rates. Essentially, the magnet honeypot technique is about offering a lead magnet to potential clients. Here, making a sale is not your intention. Instead, what you want is to build a relationship. 

Different Magnet Honeypot Ad Examples

1. Guides and eBooks

One of the most effective lead magnets is the eBook. Usually, it is a kind of guide where the person will receive a free book.  In exchange, this person must provide his/her email address. Once he supplies this to you, your website system will allow him to download the eBook. Free information is effective because it reduces the time that a person has to spend researching. Pretty much, you are handing over important information. As a result, you increase your credibility. 

2. Demos and free trials

Demos and free trials are only effective in software products. It is not unusual for companies to offer a 7-day or 14-day free trial. Why is this effective? Because you are promoting transparency. You want target customers to use the product for free, so they can test it. If they like it, they will buy it.

If you offer a free trial, you are essentially telling people that you are confident about your product. Since customers were able to test it, they can decide, based on their experience, whether or not the product is worth this money. Of course, the customers cannot complain. Before they bought the product, they tested it to understand the value of what they were paying for.  

3. Case Studies

Case studies work great for companies that offer services. For example, let us say that you are offering SEO services. What you can do for a lead magnet is a case study. It is a document that will show a person how effective your strategies are. 

Here is the possible content: 

  • The problem of the client
  • Solutions you created and executed 
  • Result of the activities.

You can show in the case study that from 100 web traffic in a month, you were able to increase your client’s traffic to 100,000 per month.

What does the case study document do? Well, it tells the reader about your capabilities. It shows that you can deliver what you promised. A case study as a lead magnet works best for business-to-business entities. 

4. Surveys and Assessments

Surveys and assessments include quizzes. People love to take quizzes about their personalities or quizzes that help them determine what they should do. In a quiz, the target customer answers a series of questions. Then, he/she must provide their email address at the end so they can get the result of this quiz. 

Here are some quiz examples:

  • What is your personality type?
  • Best types of clothing for you.
  • The best diet for you.

Let us take the diet example. Here, the participant will answer a series of questions about his/her eating habits. In the end, the quiz will tell him/her what the best diet plan applies to him/her. It could be a keto diet, paleo diet, etc.

Since the quiz already told him/her what diet he needs, you will follow up by selling a diet book to him/her. For example, you can sell a three-month daily keto diet plan—a book that is complete with recipes and photos and plans. You can also sell him/her some vitamins, juice products or other things that will help him/her become healthy. In essence, the function of the quiz is to build your credibility as a professional. 

5. Contests

A contest is an excellent lead magnet because people love to participate in competitions. Of course, they also love to win. If you ever host a contest, make sure that the prizes are worth the contestants’ time. In addition, make it easy to join. 

For example, you can ask people to show a video of themselves and their homemade pizza. In this case, you will choose a winner based on the videos. Once you have announced the winner, you can perhaps offer a pizza pan that is made of cast iron as a prize. 

So, how does it work? The person who won will get to see the quality of the product you sell. Then, he/she will buy some more from you. He can also provide testimony, and the others who witnessed the contest will buy. 


Magnet honeypot is not a new concept. It has been around for a long while. The only thing that changed is how we deliver these ads. As technology keeps on improving, we can also say that the ads will eventually become more targeted. Eventually, it will be easier to reach the right people and then convert them into paying customers.

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