How to use Saffron for skin?

Saffron is one of the most popular spices with great qualities.  It is a stigma part of the female reproductive part of the flower of plant crocus sativus. It is mainly obtained and used in the dry state

Saffron is mainly used to add flavour and colour to the food but it has numerous other properties for health and mainly for skin .

It is kind of an expensive spice because it’s cultivation and harvesting is so time taking but it’s quality is so good that has increased its popularity among people.

From it’s use as an ingredient it’s benefits on skin are

  • Works good against ageing of skin , saffron consists of so many active components inside it and one of the best against ageing and works good against oxidation and free radicals is crocin it is rich in anti- oxidant property and it also works naturally
  • It is good for people who have allergic reactions and feel inflammation on their skin . Saffron is good against inflammation as it has anti- inflammatory properties . So can be used by people who have sensitive skin and it also works naturally but should be used after prescriptio Many doctors also suggest saffron for depression bcz of its antioxdient properties.
  • Saffron also works well against itchiness , redness, acne and helps to calm the skin with the amazing healing properties.
  • Saffron also works well against hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is nothing but just changing in the pigment of that particular area of skin rather than the surrounding area; it happens because of free radicals inside the skin . Saffron works well against this as it is rich in vitamins and anti- oxidant properties.
  • Works good for skin healing. Good in cuts, wounds, pimples, acne as saffron works effectively at cellular level.
  • Due to ultraviolet rays, pollution and other environmental effects, skin starts to damage and leads to free radical formation inside the skin and causes hyperpigmentation and other damages. As saffron is rich in vitamins and anti- oxidant works good against such damages
  • Saffron also used in skin glowing and brightening and widely used in cosmetic products
  • Saffron is rich in antioxidants have anti- fungal and anti- bacterial properties so can be considered as a good option for skin care and skin healing
  • Saffron adds radiance and glow to your skin and helps in treating acne and blemishes, Many people try to find saffron amazon in Canada or sometimes walk into the store and get the product.

Side effects of saffron

Saffron mainly shows no side effects at all but before using it do patch test and if any itching or allergic reaction feels dryness, burns do not use it or use after proper prescription from dermatologist.

How to use saffron

  • You can use honey and saffron mask buy mixing some saffron strands , make a paste and apply it all over the skin for 5-7 minutes then wash it off
  • You can also use it by mixing some strands of saffron in natural aloevera gel and rose water and apply it on your skin till it absorbs but do patch test before using it

So Saffron is a good option for those who want a happy and nourished skin. Moreover, it works naturally without any side effects .

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