Did you know that videos have become a synonym word for organic growth? Now Google is not presenting text from articles or blogs; rather, it is presenting snippets from videos that can answer users’ search queries. 

Video improves rankings and positions in Google and other significant search engines like Yahoo, Ask, and Bing.

How? Allow us to explain.

Let us say you run a site about specialized tourism destinations. Consider this as your niche and write an article on it, perhaps a topic listing the top 10 tourism destinations in India or another nation.

Then it occurred to you that there are so many blogs on the same topic or article. 

Some of them are high authority and ancient. You and I cannot overcome them in a single day. 

If you build a video, the likelihood of ranking the video is much higher than the existing blog posts.

Since videos are so in demand in 2022 and will be in 2023, even google rates videos when you search there. Google gives you quick video results when you search for “how-to” kind videos.

It does not mean the content of how-to blogs or articles would not work; they do work, but in a lesser amount when compared to videos.

Why is Video SEO Important?

For several reasons, video SEO is crucial, and that includes:

  • It improves your video positioning for relevant keywords in search engine results; this way, we can generate more views when the ranking is higher.
  • Search engine-friendly videos draw more views and help in promoting your business; as a result, your website receives more visits.
  • Video SEO passively controls metrics for video engagement; compared to an unranked video on your website, optimized videos draw more people and, as a result, the videos receive more likes, comments, and shares.
  • Videos can boost the SEO of a website by increasing the number of backlinks to the site from well-known video-sharing websites.
  • They can also help improve the website’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Videos can be embedded on the website or hosted on a third-party site and linked to the website.
  • Video SEO can draw attention to crucial information from the website’s core material and establish credibility.
  • Embedded videos give website visitors an immersive experience.

Why Should You Focus on Video SEO?

The main reasons you should focus on video SEO are as follows: 

  • The SEO impact of adding a video to your article is negligible; that effect—however small—is constructive
  • Including a video on your blog will enable user interaction and allow them to view the video while still on your page, which will lengthen their stay and improve your website’s SEO rankings on Google

If done properly, including graphics, videos, and surveys can help you rank higher than your rivals.

  • Videos are a great way to establish credibility; make you appear more sincere, and can increase the success of your company

Videos Directly Influence Buying Decision

Most respondents who saw product or service videos before making a purchase mentioned that they felt more confident following the viewing, which influenced their decision to act.

When a leader sees a video on your website, they are more likely to stay there for longer than two minutes, which raises the likelihood that they will take some action.

According to Statista, we can expect the user penetration to hit 7.4% by 2027, and by 2027, there will be 108.4 million subscribers in the segment for video streaming. 

How To Properly Execute Video SEO?

The proper execution of video SEO is essential because the outcome will determine whether you succeed or fail. 

Niche Down Your Content

Check the caliber of your content first. Make sure your videos are current, educational, and full of substance. 

Use Time Wisely

Never squander time making videos that have nothing to do with your company, services, or goods. Make a title that is engaging and catchy next. 

Conduct Keyword Research

Conduct some keyword research to find out what your audience is most likely to search for. Add significant keywords or phrases to your video’s tags. Never use words that are difficult to understand for the typical individual. 

Include Description

Include a detailed description so the viewers may better comprehend it before viewing it, and search engines can index and rank it higher. Keep it brief as well—only five minutes.

Never Forget Your Logo

Always include your brand and logos in your videos because doing so will help you reach your target audience and increase brand awareness. 

Promote Your Videos

Finally, promote your video to go viral. Share the coding so others can embed your video on their website or blog. A growing audience and increased visibility for your product or service will result from having content that people want to share.

Methods To Boost Your Ranking Using Videos

Videos are becoming more common on websites as a means of simple user navigation. Here are some methods you can use to optimize your video SEO to help boost your search ranking if your website’s primary goal is to accept user content submissions via videos.

In most cases, video SEO is used to increase the visibility of your videos in search results. The more well-liked your videos are, the more probable search engine users will find them.

Set the Foundation of The Video

We center the foundation of video SEO on the video tags that are immediately included in the video. You have seen them; they include words like title, description, etc. 

The metadata that you add to these tags matters. They appear in search engine results and support keyword targeting.

Spread the Video Through Every Channel

Most Google video searches result in a click, demonstrating the growing importance of video in search results. Most of the videos displayed on the search result come from YouTube itself. So it is essential to spread our videos through every platform.

Create Engaging Content

It is fantastic to create videos, but you also need to ensure they get to the right people for them to be useful. 

For example, you need to be aware of the number of views your videos receive if you are producing them to promote your brand. You do that to optimize it for search engines, improving its visibility and ranking.

Create material on the topics that received a lot of engagement after researching your audience. You can share the video in chunks so that consumers can select what they wish to view.

Remember, quality is also essential for creating videos. If you are a beginner, you can try your hands on online video editing tools that are free to get started.

Make Videos Embedded Friendly

If people enjoy your videos, they might as well share the video through their blogs or website. This is a win-win situation because your video receives a lot of shares and engagement and provides value to the blog and website’s viewers. 

Embedding videos are one of the many ways to get inbound links. 


Google prioritizes the website in the search engine that has perfectly implemented video SEO in the video marketing plan. Video SEO is an underutilized strategy which means once this video SEO strategy is implemented, you can have an edge over your competitors in the SEO game. 


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