Contact Center Outsourcing: Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

To survive in a cutthroat competition, every business needs to personalize its operations and has to focus on delivering the highest-level customer satisfaction at any cost. Well, easier said than done, a new business finds the establishment of a customer support and call center unit quite an investment to do.

This is the era of self-help kiosks and exclusive IT-powered contact center services where personalization is easier to accomplish. Services offered by the top agencies make it easier to maintain healthy CRM and offer scalable platforms to make business operations better. This is the reason why contact center outsourcing has been a proliferating industry with a CAGR of 9% and an estimated market value of US$ 28.09 billion.

What Is Contact Center Outsourcing?

There is no doubt that customers are and will be the pillar of the success of a business, no matter what industry we are looking into. It is their satisfaction that keeps them loyal and makes repetitive buying decisions. In this aspect, a dedicated customer support unit is mandatory for the establishment of a business.

When this requirement is outsourced to an experienced and reputed agency, it is called contact center outsourcing. This agency will handle inbound and outbound calls, surveys, emails, and various other aspects of contact center services offered. This is a 3rd party team that will specifically handle business needs in this segment for local or offshore markets.

Businesses identify the requirement and hire contact center outsourcing services for exclusive benefits related to cost efficiency, customer satisfaction, lead generation, quick induction in a competitive market and flexibility of service packages.

To understand this service and the outsourcing industry, let us take a quick look at the pros, cons and best practices precisely.

Pros Of Contact Center Outsourcing

  • Requires less investment

It is obvious that setting up an in-house contact center unit can be a daunting task for a new business. Hiring new skills and expertise whenever the market changes dynamically also attracts a huge investment. This is why most businesses take the advantage of outsourcing this need and seek a service package from a call center agency.

Outsourcing this service will reduce the investment in telecommunication infrastructure, maintenance, up-skilling of an in-house team, equipment purchase and upgradation, etc. Moreover, any change in the fluidic market becomes easier to adapt to due to the customizable services offered.

  • Customer retention

Customer is the key to success for a business. The more satisfied a client base is, the better a business will generate revenue. More than 82% of companies agree that retaining loyal customers is easier and less expensive than generating new ones. Improving customer experience through outsourcing call center services is ideal.

  • Expertise and customer support

Outsourcing such requirements make it easier to find and hire experts and skilled professionals based on business requirements. A pre-established contact center platform of an agency is obviously an advantage for businesses. It allows faster induction of a new business, product, program or idea in a competitive market too.

  • Leveling up customer experience and satisfaction

Leveling up customer satisfaction is easier when a good customer support unit is there to meet all the queries. The step to outsource call center services will prove to be ideal for increasing customer satisfaction via great experience. Statistically, customer satisfaction ratings come highest from phone support (91%), live chat (85%), and email support (82%).

Cons Of Contact Center Outsourcing

  • Improper collaboration and integration with the business platform can lead to a disastrous outcome.
  • Agencies hired for outsourcing such services may not have proper industry knowledge causing hindrances in the successful completion of business processes.
  • Improper channels to get feedback can cut the connection between business and customers.

Best Practices to Avoid Cons of Contact Center Outsourcing

  • An ideal call center service provider will record calls, have the industry experience to showcase before being hired and provide an excellent IT-powered contact center platform for scalability.
  • Proper infrastructure with a dedicated team of trained contact center executives is a must.
  • A reliable analytics platform is required to understand the efficiency and other business parameters properly. It helps to keep things crystal clear for a business. In fact, the reports generated will enable a business to make data-backed informed decisions.
  • A cloud-based call center software platform is mandatory for easier control, clarity, and access.
  • Hiring a service provider offering a one-stop solution for call center requirements is a good practice for enjoying flexibility and personalization services.

In a nutshell

Keeping the pros and cons of contact center outsourcing in mind, the decision to hire an experienced agency can be the right answer. Avoid the issues related to the cons of outsourcing call center services by using cloud-based software platforms. Hire service providers that offer flexible packages, excellent IT backup and a one-stop solution for all such requirements.

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