Are you able to receive laser hair removal at home?

If you are tired of waxing, shaving, or paying a lot of money to the dermatologist’s office, then it is time for you to try the Do It Yourself (DIY) option. Should you, however, do that?

Is laser hair removal at home effective?

While the process was once exclusively available at a dermatologist’s clinic, you can now purchase small devices and gadgets to zap hair away at home.

What do you need to know before you decide to do laser hair removal at home?

Hair removal that is permanent

The follicle of the hair is damaged by laser hair removal technologies. However, hair is growing in cycles. These lasers only harm follicles when they are actively growing. As a result, numerous treatments spaced approximately one month apart are required to completely suppress hair regrowth.

At Home Bareskin told us that laser hair removal at home is not completely permanent for certain people.  You might require some maintenance treatment once or twice a year to keep hair at bay.

The procedure is not inexpensive. Laser hair removal may cost a few hundred dollars per session, and it may take a half-dozen (or more) treatments to remove every follicle. In the pursuit of the hairless bikini line, you could spend over one thousand dollars.

Alternatively, you can buy a hair removal laser at home for around $400 to $500. It appears to be a good investment at first sight.

Ins and Outs of Laser Hair Removal at Home

When it comes to hair, there are just two kinds of hair removal devices available for use at home. The first is a real laser, whereas the second employs powerful pulsed light (IPL). These types of hair removal devices are less strong than those used at a dermatologist’s clinic.

That has both advantages and disadvantages. On one side, less power entails less accountability. You do not have to be concerned about burning yourself for the sake of flawless skin because these gadgets are suitable for beginners to be used at home. (However, since this is the laser, after all, be sure you read the instructions to the letter.) These devices obviously will not perform as effectively as professional devices for hair removal.

More disadvantages: These small devices make it difficult to cover a larger area — such as a whole leg — with them. Also, they may not be powerful enough to be hair-free totally. You will notice a reduction of hair after you do several sessions, but it will not be a grand slam.

Who should consider trying laser hair removal at home?

Among the most significant disadvantages of laser hair removal at home is that these tools can only be used on a small selection of skin and hair hues. The lasers target pigments inside the follicle, and they are effective only when the hair and skin have a significant contrast. This indicates that these methods are best for individuals with pale skin and black h

There is a chance of burns for those having darker skin, but many devices you use at home contain sensors that prohibit these devices from functioning on dark skin. Professional lasers will be your only choice if you do not have light skin and a dark hair combination. The lasers that are used at dermatology clinics are more advanced, and they may be used on patients of any skin hue.

The safety of laser hair removal

These devices are usually safe to use if you are with the right skin and hair tones, also it is crucial that you use them properly.

Do not use:

In close proximity to your eyes.

Over moles and tattoos.

Genital area – bikini line is safe to target.








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