AR 10 80 Lower Kit Using The DIY Kit To Build The AR 10

Many people classify a . 308 lower sized gun as an AR-10, but the DPMS (Defense Supply Manufacturing Service) . 308 lower is referred to as an “AR-10”, regardless of the manufacturer’s supported platform. AR-10 and AR-15 rifles are one of the most famous, popular and widely used weapons. They are ideal for military, sports and shooting applications. Contrary to popular belief, “AR” is an acronym for ArmaLite and not an “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle”. But before deciding

Build your own AR-10 with receivers below 80; there are a few things to keep in mind.

Meet the AR-10

Semi-automatic, magazine feed, modular, rifle power plant,

The AR-10 can be assembled at home, just like the AR-15. Eugene Stoner was the first to design the larger and less popular AR-10 as a combat rifle. The AR-15 was born out of the need for a lighter, more compact model of rifle. Never adopted by the US military, the AR-10 never achieved the same popularity as the AR-15. Hunters prefer to equip the AR-10 with an 80 Auxiliary Receiver as this rifle has a full round shape with a .308 caliber, suitable for long range shooting.

AR-10 has non-standard platforms

Unlike AR-15, AR-10 is not standardized

Weapon platform. You can get two AR-15s and they are likely to be replaced. The same does not happen with the AR-10. Non-standard variants of the design on the AR-10 design vary from company to company.

When purchasing the AR-10 80 sub-receiver, you can choose between the two main AR-10 rifle models, the ArmaLite series and the DPMS series. Both are excellent rifles, but some believe that the DPMS has a slight advantage when it comes to spare parts and magazines from other manufacturers.

Compatibility with the internal components of the AR-10 is not guaranteed.

The different barrel and upper body designs of the ArmaLite and DPMS are a result of different rifle models. Whichever model you choose, you no longer need to use compatible parts from the same company. Parts cannot be swapped between rifles of different designs. If you are using the model AR-1080 DPMS sub-receiver to build your rifle, you must also use the DPMS bolt carrier group (BCG) and barrel. The same goes for the ArmaLite platform.

You will need a special instrument.

Selecting the DPMS model for the AR-10 sub-receiver gives you more options when searching for parts. To connect the AR-10 rifle with the 80 sub-receiver,

You have to use a specific device that matches your sub recipient. This is different from the AR-15. You will need to purchase an 80 Plunge Jig that is compatible with the AR-1080 sub-receiver of your choice.

AR-10 lower body compatible parts only

Parts like fuses trigger and trigger springs

AR-10 and AR-15. However, due to differences between the sub receivers, the following are only compatible with AR-10 sub receivers and are not interchangeable between AR-10 and AR-15.


Lifting chuck


Pick up a magazine

Most pistol grips

What is the difference between the AR-10?

The AR-10 has external and internal similarities to the AR-15, but is actually quite different. Legally building an AR-10 with a receiver under 80 is different than building an AR-15. The AR-10 is not a mileage feature as it is not used in the military. On the other hand, almost all AR-15 parts are considered spindle specs. This means that parts are made from the same mould, using the same production method, ensuring that all parts work together, regardless of manufacturer. Other than the buffer tubes, almost all of the standard AR-15 parts are interchangeable between the AR-15.

Most .308ARs are the most compatible DPMS type and are called “DPMS compatible”. ArmaLite AR-10 parts are still for sale, but can be a bit tricky to find. If the lower receiver installs an 80 AR-10, the slight difference between DPMS and ArmaLite will make them incompatible with each other. There are different sets of bolt holders, bolt clearances, and the top fits the bottom.

The Right Parts Matter


Keep in mind that building a .308 AR with an 80% lower body and using the template will not actually create an 80% lower body than the big players on the . 308 lower market. It is important to obtain a compatible breech camera of the appropriate type. Once you start building the AR-10 80 Sub Receiver, all you need to do is stick to the compatible parts listed. This information should be clearly visible on the manufacturer’s website when looking for parts for the AR-10.

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