5 things new generation teens are getting attracted towards

The new generation teenagers, also known as the Generation Z or the Gen Z are a whole different species. Their way of life and attitude is vastly different from the previous generations. Today we are going to take a look at a few of the things that these kids find attractive.

  • Sustainable products 

With more awareness and the deteriorating condition of the planet, it is no wonder that the new generation teenagers are attracted to sustainable products. There is more focus on the go green movement where teenagers prefer using eco-friendly alternatives for harmful materials such as plastic and thermocol. As the global warming rate is rising, the glaciers are melting, the new generation teens have no choice but to be diligent as it is their future that is in danger if they do not take the right steps now. 

  • High level video games 

Video games are a craze among new generation teens. With technological advancement and fast speed internet, high level interactive video games are now introduced. Some popular war games and racing car games have kids hooked on to them for hours. High level video gaming industry is such a rage that it has turned from a hobby to a profession. Gamers can train to e the best and then compete in tournaments that will win them real money and other benefits in the real world. Alternatively, they can also become coaches and train other gamers to play for tournaments and win them. E-sports is a fast-rising business in the world today that has captured the attention of Gen Z. Most teenagers today have a gaming console and a full-fledged set-up that lets them play comfortably for hours at end.

  • Safe sex experiments

Similar to the environment, new generation teenagers are also aware of the dangers that a careless lifestyle can bring about. They prefer trying out safe sex methods. Use of contraceptives such as condoms, birth control pills and UID devices are rampant. But another thing that teenagers like to experiment with are sex toys. One of the most common sex toys is a sex doll. It is safe to fulfill one’s sexual desires and fantasies with a sex doll, that ae available in both male and female varieties. It prevents the risk of STD’s and pregnancies and also gives amateur teenagers a chance to practice and perfect their skills in bed with a doll before trying it with a real person.

  • Interactive porn

Nowadays teenagers are not satisfied with regular audio or visual porn. They want something more out of it. Similar to high level video games, here are interactive porn games that the Gen Z teenagers find very fascinating. It is more than just a one-sided entertainment. Here the porn star of figure reacts to sexual advances and lets you know how they feel, what they want you to do and what they enjoy. Some games also have the feature of the porn figure moaning names. These types of games tend to get the youth going and enjoy themselves. Robotic, interactive sex anime dolls are available for the same purpose as well. 

  • Freedom

Finally, this generation of teens craves freedom the most. They have seen society changing and believe in letting people find their true self and embracing it. This is the reason LGBTQ pride is gaining acceptance and being normalized all over the world. The new generation teens are sensitive to people’s issues and any kind of wrong behavior or speech can get you ‘cancelled’, which is the urban slang for stop receiving support or back up for promoting the wrong things.

The teens of this generation crave attention, freedom, and the opportunity to make their own rules. With growing awareness of human right, technology and environmental issues, these teenagers might make a significant difference in the coming years.

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